The Cat, That i call 'Levi'.

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*Eren Jeager*

I was so glad that I was able to take the little guy home. I wish I could find his friends. I got my phone out and texted Mikasa.

'Mikasa, and Me'

Me: sorry Mika, I had to take care of something.

M.A: its fine, as long as we can still come over tomorrow.

Me: yeah sure, I don't mine.

M.A: Okay, see you then.

I nodded and put my phone down. I got into my car and I raised up the windows, carelessly like me i left hem down, and opened the cage, for he cat to come out. And look out the window.

"You can come out now buddy." I said keeping my eyes on the road.

I heard the cage move slitly, the light turned red, I sowled my car down and looked at the black cat. He was looking around and out the window.

"Have you ever been in a car before? Well I mean you did, when I drives us here, but have you?" I asked

It looked at me and shook its head.

"Oh well, welcome aboard the Rogue titan!!! I named my car that. Cool huh." I said

The light turned green.

* 20 minutes later*

We finally made it. I put the cat back into the cage and took him inside. I smiled and took out my keys out, I unlocked the door.

"We're here!!!! Hope you like it." I yelled

I put him down and unlocked the cage. He walked out and looked at me. I smiled,

*Levi Ackerman*

I walked around the house for a good 10 minutes, I saw that every single room in this house, and it is filthy. I wish I can clean it but I can't do it, the fact he knows me as a 'CAT'.

"Kitty!!! I got good news!!!" I heard the brat say.

I turned and sw him with a notepad ad a pen. GREAT WHATS THE GOOD NEWS.

"Well I need to know your name first, so I'll go down the alphabet. So lets get started." He said

He sat down on the couch, so I walked to the couch and sat down. He smiled and i, frowned.

"So when I land on the letter you meow or... Something.A, B, C , D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L-"

"(Meow)" I meowed Fuck!!

"Okay, L, so second letter, A,B,C,D,E-"

"(Meow)" Fuck again

"E, umm, A,B,C,D,e,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,PQ,R,S,T,U,V-"


"V, Okay, A,B,C,D,EF,G,H,I-"


"Okay, A-"

"(Hisss)" I hissed

"Oh, is it that the last letter of your name?" He said

I nodded.

"Levi, umm, ha-ha, Levi as in the pant brand." He joked

I frowned.

"Okay what's the Last nam?" He said



What the hell?

"Oh, sorry Levi, umm, that's the good news, it one of my friend, her name is Hanji." He said

He then ran and disappeared behind the corner. I sighed and got up, I jumped off the couch and ran to the area the brat left to.
I saw the brat and some girl in the door way. She had glasses and had her hair up.

"Is that him!?" She squealed "Eren, is that him!!!"

Eren, so that's his name.

"Awww, he's sooo cute!" She said running to me.


She got me and throw me into the air. She caught me and hugged me tightly.

"Awww, oh whas this." She said

"What is I Hanji." Eren asked

"Haha, well it looks like you have a Neko on your hands." Hanji said

"Neko means cat right?" He said

"Yeah, but that means that he can turn into Human, chibi, and Cat. Isn't that cool." She said grabbing my neck and hitting my nerve.

I felt myself leave my cat form and into my chibi form, that means I had my til and ears and I was also in my cleaning clothes, good.

"What the hell?" Eren said

"Cool, Eren please let me study him!!" She squealed

"What no, you can't." He said pulling me away from the phycopathic girl.

"Awww, well um, oh, Mikasa and Armin are coming over for dinner as well." She said with a smile.

"Oh, really." He said putting me down

I looked at him and walked away,

"Now, lets clean."

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