Chapter 16

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Be cool Lauren... Be cool.

I told myself over and over in my head as I took deep slow breaths trying to calm myself. I'm angry and confused. Camila just left me in the car by myself and stormed into school pissed off for no reason.

Tap tap, I was startled by someone tapping on my window. I looked up at the person and saw it was Normani with a confused look on her face, she motioned for me to get out. I sighed, be cool I told myself one last time before getting out.

"Lo, what were you doing?" Normani asked as I pressed the lock button on the door before closing it.

"Mentally preparing myself for another day of school."

She chuckled at my response giving me a tight hug I really needed. The anger that I had inside died down, but not the confusion. Ugh, Camila is so frustrating.

"What's wrong? You've been in a mood lately."

Oh you know Mani, Camila is being frustrating as fuck by sending me mixed signals and just stormed out of the car for some weird reason leaving me alone and confused.

"I think my period is starting soon," I decided to go with instead.

"Ah, that makes sense when mine is about to start I crave chicken wings," she replied.

I laughed, "You always crave chicken wings."



The rest of the day went by really fast and before I knew it, I was walking to the library to meet up with Jessica for tutoring. I'm pretty surprised I'm not a nervous mess like I probably should be to see her. But of course right as I walk in I see Camila leaning over a kids shoulder helping him with some math problem, and my insides turn to mush when I see the tiny frown on her face she as chews on her bottom lip, all the frustration I felt from the way she left this morning disappears just at the sight of her.

"Lauren!" I look away when Camila's eyes meet mine and I quickly find who had called my name, Jessica.

"I'm so glad you came," She says giving me a tight hug. I smile and return it.

"Of course I came, I said I would right?" I chuckle and let go.

She chuckled and held my hand guiding me to an empty table, "Well after you cancelled on me last time I wasn't so sure you would actually come."

Oooh damn, I laugh and shake my head at her witty comment.

"So," she as I sit and set my backpack says on the table. "You need help with math am I right?"

I nod, "yep I do."

"Lemme go get an extra book real quick, I'll be back."

While she walked away I took the time to check her out. She looked real good today like a model, wearing a white blouse, short shorts that showed off her sexy long legs, and cute pink shoes. (Jessica and outfit up top)

I looked around the library and saw no one I knew, there was probably about 10 people in here but all freshmen and sophomores. But the tutors were seniors Jessica, Camila and boy who's walking around helping people I'm guessing is another tutor.

"Do you... uh need any help?" my heart sped up at the sound of her soft raspy voice.

Camila bit her lip nervously waiting for my answer.

"Jessica will be back," I dismissed her help yeah I'm still a little upset at what happened this morning.

Suddenly Jessica walked over to both of us, holy shit this is weird. Both girls are standing right in front of me, Camila, my sister who makes me feel things I'm not supposed to feel. And Jessica who I'm slowly starting to warm up to.

"Camila, you should go check on the other students, I've already got Lauren covered."

I watched as Camila's hands turned to fists, and her jaw clench at Jessica's words. What the hell?

She managed to force a small smile, "Oh sure just let me know if you need anything."

Jessica smiled sweetly at Camila before coming over to sit next to me. Camila gave me a look I didn't understand before walking away.

"Are you two friends?" I asked.

"I thought we were but I don't think she's likes me anymore."

I frowned what the hell. Camila is so friendly.. What changed?

"What do you mean?"

"This morning I saw her in the hall I waved and said hi, but she completely ignored me. Then just now, did you not see the glares she was giving me?"
I shook my head, "no I must've missed it."

Oh god, Camila is mad at me for some unknown reason and now she's taking her anger out on everyone else. Great, nice going Lauren.

"Anyway," Jessica's sweet voice interrupted my thoughts. "Let's begin."

We opened our books and began to do the magnificent wonders of Algebra 2. I suck at math, its my worst subject but Jessica is such a great teacher, she has done a better job teaching me all this stuff in an hour than my actually teacher has all semester.

"Wow Lauren you're a natural," she complimented me as I finished my last problem.

This has probably been the twentieth compliment she has given me making me feel all special.

I smiled proudly, "Thanks but I wouldn't have been able to do it without you."

Her cheeks turned pink my smile got even wider. Those pretty blue eyes stared into mine as they flickered down to my lips, ooh yeah. Jessica digs me. She began leaning in and I did the same...

'Boom!' We jumped away from our almost kiss to find Camila not to far from us crouched down picking up the books that had dropped and scattered all over the place.

Without any thought I got up immediately to go and help leaving Jessica at the table.

I kneeled down next to Camila whose hands were shaking while trying to hurry and pick up the books.

"I'm sorry" she repeated over and over again.

I grabbed her hands, that startled her and she looked up to meet my eyes. My heart dropped when I saw tears in them, "Camila its okay they're just books."

A single tear fell from her eye as she shook her head, "I have to get out of here."

Camila yanked her hands out of my grasp, stood up grabbed her backpack and ran out the doors.

"No wait!" I yelled and chased after her.



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OH WAIT and here is the cast:

Lauren Jauregui

Camila Cabello

Normani Kordei

Dinah Jane Hasen

Ally Brooke Hernandez

Devon- Chris Wood

Jessica- Miranda Kerr

Rocky- Brandyn Farrell or Mikkel Jensen(black hair) or kinda a Zayn look

Skye- Dianna Agron

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