Chapter 1

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Nick Bateman, he's tall handsome and overall perfect. Here I was a 27 year old girl sat on the hot beach thinking about him. My phone buzzed and I picked it up, Nick had posted a new photo on Instagram, he was with his dog Joey he was so cute. My friends and I swooned, my best friend Jess nudged me.

"Hayley it's your man" I giggled and stared at the picture wishing I could meet him. It was my aunt's birthday soon and she lived in Burlington Nick's hometown and I knew the chances of me meeting him were very slim because he was in LA at the moment. I'm obsessed what can I say.

We headed back home and packed our bags, the next morning I woke up to my phone buzzing,

New follower @Nick_Bateman

I shot up and started jumping no way did he follow me, I looked at my phone again and there it was on my followers list Nick Bateman. I squealed like a teenager and text Jess. "Hayley get downstairs we need to go" my brother shouted.

I quickly changed and grabbed my bags, the drive to my aunts was boring my brother and I lived together so we drove together and we were meeting our parents there. My brother pulled up half an hour later and I ran in and jumped into my aunt's arms. "Happy Birthday" I hugged her tight and she laughed.

"Thank you hon" I handed her my little present and she kissed my head. I met all my family and then we headed to the beach for the party. We were on a boat in the sea, I hated water because I couldn't swim, however I loved going to the beach. The day progressed and I was having loads of fun, up until my sister arrived. I was dancing on the dock along with my cousins and my sister pushed me out of the way. I fell backwards and let out a loud scream, I felt the warm water hit my body and I made a loud splash. I started thrashing and trying to surface, I felt arms around me and I gripped onto the person.

"Hey it's fine clam down" they helped me to the shore and I collapsed on the sand, my wet hair stuck to my face and my body shaking. I looked up at the guy to thank him and my jaw dropped.

"Hey I'm Nick" he pulled me up and wrapped his towel around me and himself. My mouth was open and I probably looked like a fish out of water.

"I'm Hayley" I squeaked,

"Ye I know I followed you this morning, you are a fan I assume" I nodded and he grinned showing his perfect dimples. "Well I'm glad I get to meet you"

"Thank you for saving me" we reached the little cabin and I sat down on the chairs. He gave me the towel and I dried myself off.

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