Chapter 15: Make Something

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Chapter 15: Make Something

It was exactly 10:07 when I walked into Quinn's home. She was bent over in the kitchen trying to make a pot of coffee. The smell was perfect, but my eyes showed that the coffee was not ready.

Quinn was huddled in the corner with dark brown liquid dripping down her arms and legs. A puddle of steaming blackness covered the floor. Behind her head, the liquid continued to fly everywhere. Quinn wouldn't stop screaming.

"Woah! What happened here?" I asked as I rushed to her aid. Placing the bagels on the counter, I grabbed a load of paper towels and tried to rescue her.

"The machine broke!" Quinn exclaimed and flailed her arms. Coffee was flicked all around the crystal white kitchen. "I swear, Ella, it's happening. Machines are finally turning on us." Her eyes were wild as they darted around the room.

"Quinn snap out of it." I tried to reason with her. She was being no help to me trying to stop the problem."The machines old. It probably just broke."

"What kind of monster deprives humans of coffee?" Quinn screeched.

I rolled my eyes. She was coffee deprived. Quinn usually went a little nuts before her typical cup of black coffee. Mornings were not her best. I learned that after many sleepovers. 

Quinn jumped behind the island and hid from the steaming coffee that was still flying. Drops of hot liquid continued to spray me. I looked at the machine as it shook back and forth and coffee spewed out of the pot. That's when I noticed the pile of screws next to the coffee maker.

Seriously, Quinn?

Taking a deep breath, I walked towards the devil machine and unplugged it. The coffee stopped attacking in less than a second.

"You saved us!" Quinn yelled and ran over to me for a hug.

"I didn't realize your coffee addiction was so bad." I raised an eyebrow. "Care to admit you have a problem?"

"Neither did I," Quinn giggled just as the doorbell rang. Her eyes widened. "Ready?"

"I guess I'll have to be," I said. "Being that there's no coffee and everything." I laughed at Quinn's ridiculous reaction to the coffee machine and she punched me in the arm.

"I was scared!" I rolled my eyes. Scared of a coffee maker? Sure.

The doorbell rang again and I decided to walk over and open it. I didn't find Becca on the other side of the door, though. Instead, it was Aspen.

"What are you doing here?" I beamed. It was a lovely surprise, but to be honest it was a little strange.

He held four coffees. "Quinn tweeted that she was having coffee problems." He raised up the large cups.

I heard Quinn squeal behind me. Immediatly, she was in front of me seizing her cup. She spun around to me after she took a sip. "I love your boyfriend." Quinn claimed and ran back into the kitchen.

My face became red instantly. Aspen and I had not declared that we were official yet. We hadn't even kissed yet.

"You're the best." I smiled and leaned into him for a hug. The coffee rested on my back and I felt the hotness of the drinks.

"Do I get best boyfriend of the year?" I stepped away from Aspen. He raised an eyebrow. Frankly, so did I.


Aspen came close to my ear. "I was hoping you'd be my girlfriend," he whispered.

"I was thinking that you were only teasing me," I said with a wink. Still, my cheeks were flushed. "We haven't even kissed yet," I mumbled, embarrassed that I had to say it. It wasn't something that usually had to be said, but somehow it found its way out of my lips.

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