Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

North was flabbergasted, to say the least. Her eyes welled up, tears threatening to fall off, as Harry hung his head in shame.

The Beethoven music that played in the background was absolutely perfect for a dramatic scene as this.

Kanye, on the other hand, was delighted. He had had a sudden transformation to his 'Kan-yay!' form. He never wanted his darling, stupid, constipated daughter to be smitten with anyone else.

As Beethoven's Tempest continued to play, North stormed up to her room, the rhythm of her footsteps matching the tempo of the music. Outside, Kanyay was broadly grinning, while Harry just shifted his gaze creepily from the left, to the right.

"So, Larry," Kanye started. "Ma Nori hates ya! You better go up to yo Mama and tell her to feed you some detergent to get rid of da ink in yo face."

"It's actually genetic. My blue skin tone. I belong to the dynasty that founded the Blues music," Harry tried to defend his race. "I am also in my hereditary family band named Blue and The Blues. I play the tambourine while wearing a grass skirt."

Kanye was impressed. Deep down, at the bottom of his badass rapper-fashion designer heart, he had a great thing for tambourine and grass skirts. He had begged Adidas multiple times to let him release his fashion line of grass skirts, but he was declined the opportunity, much to his dismay.

But, listening to Barry, Kanye decided to give him a chance. Even though he hated the thought of letting his daughter be with another man, he could loosen the reigns if the man was into grass skirts.

Even though Blue Faced Mary seemed like a nice guy, Kanye couldn't let his daughter be with him. She could never be Mrs. Blue Faced Cherry. And only Kanye and Kim knew why. They both knew very well that North's fate was sealed.

That she was already engaged to someone else.


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