From Abused and Rejected to Powerful Alpha

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"Look get this straight bitch! I don't give a f*ck that you're my mate, I don't want some fatass killer to be my mate so that's why I Johnathan Grey reject you Mary Rose!" He yelled with disgust and stomped off.

I felt like a piece of me was gone I know a little dramatic, but hey that was my mate who couldn't even give me a shot no he'd rather go sleep with some wanna be Barbie bitch who doesn't give a shit about a Luna's job.

But I was already expecting this I was just hoping that when i found

my mate he would love me no matter what even after the fire that killed my parents...

•••••••••••7 Years Ago•••••••••••••

I was walking around in my pajamas on my way to tell daddy that I accidentally sleeped in and missed the bus. When I saw smoke make its way up stairs I started caughing trying to cover my mouth to breath easier i looked around

"mom!dad! Where are you!" I yelled

I started tearing up from all the smoke then heard a loud scream from downstairs I ran down and covered my mouth with my t-shirt.

I heard another yell and ran towards the living room to see my dad dead on the floor and my mom being held by the throat.

At first I thought she didn't see me, she looked straight at me and said though the pack link

'Run hurry and don't look back! Hurry!'

I heard a loud snap before I started to run out the back door and heading to the front since I couldn't turn wolf I knew there was know way I would survive if I ran.

I guess you could say I didn't realize what had really just happened until I looked at the house burn.

I don't know how long I sat there I didn't break down and cry for my parents know I just watch everybody make there way here and started crying.

Then I heard a loud cry and shouting that I recognized my older brother by a year Dylan.

I looked up to see him make his way to me so I jumped up only to be tackled back down by my brother.

"It's your fault they're dead mary!" he yelled while choking me

I struggled beneath him but he wouldn't budge I felt my breath come back as they lifted him off me.

"I hate you! And I will make you feel my pain ten times worse for the rest of your life!" he yelled


That's the day everybody started to ignore me even my best friend Macy didn't want to talk to me it got even worse. They would trip me down the stairs, punch,kick, and anything else that they thought would hurt.

Even though I know it was someone from a different pack that killed my parents which I tried to explain but know one would listen to me so I saw no point in trying to explain.

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