Chapter Six

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Taking hold of her hand, he practically dragged her out that she had to run to keep up with his long legged stride. Maybe not, since he nearly pulled her arm out of her socket. "Zaid," she begged to be released, and walked at his side into the inner sanctum of the yacht. Her breath taken away by the seer luxury of the place, to come to her bedroom with plush carpets, pillars, glass, and padded walls in creams and tans, even a sofa at the end of the bed, chairs, dark wood cabinets. "I have just died and gone to heaven," she whispered, not wanting to disturb the room, and this was all hers. "Oh Zaid, its divine!" She threw her arms around him to hug him.

Strong arms went around to hold her to him. "Sheikhdomship? Really Charlotte sheikhdomship?" he asked stunned. She laughed kissing him. She felt so happy.

"Baby?" she suggested laughing at his horrified look.

"I leave you to your unpacking, then we can go on land, hopefully that would bring you back down to earth," he noted dryly, easing out of her hold. Walking away shaking his head though smiling. Lottie went off to explore. She had one of the stateroom with her own bathroom, and walk in wardrobe to squeal. and do a little jig. She went to get her phone to take photos to send off to her mother. It was like seeing the Palace for the first time, yet she had to keep her excitement to herself. Was she finally finding herself? She sunk on the bed stunned. Or was she was finally allowing herself to admit she was so in love with him. Her prince. And he was no spare heir. He was the most amazing man, who held her head. Always had.

The following days, they spent a lot of time on land, mainly shopping. Josh and her, since Zaid was tied up with work. When she brought up the fact he was supposed to be on holidays, he waved her away, scowling at her. She looked around to find they were totally alone to kiss him, and race off to join Josh, and hit the shops. That night there was going to be a party on the yacht, and she wanted to find just the right dress to knock him off his socks.

Standing in front of the mirror, Lottie ran hands over the blue lace figure fitted dress with no lining to show flesh through the lighter lace pattern, and with a very plunging neckline, had her completely freaked. The dress was beautiful but wasn't her. Any minute now she felt like she was going to fall out even with the Hollywood tape.

Nope, she shook her head, not happening. Lifting the long skirt pooled around her feet, she went back to her wardrobe to flick through her clothes to remove a long, flowing caftan of coral chiffon, satin,  and Georgette fabric, silk with grey embroidery, Empire waist to strip, and redress to feel much better, kicking off blue high heels to step into grey ones, and not as high.

Once done, she headed out to go to join the others. A private party on the yacht, the second saloon filled with the mega rich, and superstars to notice how the other women dressed, as in the other dress, all glitz and glamour, lace, diamonds and pearls, plunging necklines and pulling it off. She had felt so naked, and exposed.

"What have you done?" Josh hissed in her ear as he joined her.

"The only thing sensible. I'm not parading around," she said softly. "Not me, not my scene." All the men dressed in tailored suits or tuxedos, all looking debonair. It was like walking onto a film set, surreal. Then she saw her, in red, completely covered from head to toe though glittered under the lights, sparkling, blond hair twisted up in twirls like someone out of a fifties movie. "Not wearing white tonight I see," she muttered under her breath, grabbing a glass of champagne as a waiter passed, carrying a tray full.

She should've stayed in her room. "Josh you don't have to hang around me, go and mingle, have fun. I'm going to get some fresh air." She turned and walked away. No-one would miss her, because she didn't know anyone, except for Zaid, Josh, and of course, Christine, who fitted in perfectly. She wandered off to the side of the yacht, running fingers along the rail to pause and stare across the lights dancing on the dark waters from the city lights. A waning moon in the night skies with twinkling stars.

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