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7th March 2020;

Formally known as 'A Siren's Sacrifice', SIREN BAY is the rewritten tale. I was inspired greatly to rewrite SS after the devastating bushfires, floods, storms, cyclone winds, and earthquakes that took over Australia in the summer of 2019/20. Let me show you how beautiful Australia is - welcome to Siren Bay.

~~ 1st/June/2020 ~~ 

We've all seen the news. We're all hearing the outcry, the anger and the sorrow, that's happening all around the world right now. 

It's been a week since the death of George Floyd and I've been quiet online, but in reality I'm seething. I've been listening, talking outside, hearing you all, and wishing I could stand beside you. 

I'm too ill to go to protests and hold my #BlackLivesMatter banner. I have no money to donate, it's all going to my medical bills, although I have charities lined up when I can afford to give again. Yet, I still have my voice and I know now how to wield it. 

I haven't revealed my name nor my face, let alone my history, but I have had family members murdered because of who they were. I know your anger and sorrow, because it is mine as well. This is not fair and it's inhuman for racism to go on any longer. 

I've seen fellow Wattpad authors create reading lists for black writers, putting their stories in a bundle, but I don't feel comfortable compiling a collection of stories I may not have read nor have the time to read because of someone's skin. 

I have been retweeting the lists for people to read but tweets will be lost in time. Messages and calls will be forgotten. The streets will quieten down - but stories will forever be told - they will be remembered.

Siren Bay has multiple POC. Sylvia Okenji, the main character, is biracial. It's not fair to my stories, to my characters, and to you my readers, to not talk about George Floyd, to not use my voice. 

This is me wielding it as best I can right now. 

Siren Bay is permanently dedicated to #BlackLivesMatter, in honour of George Floyd and those also killed mercilessly because of the colour of their skin. To every community that has been discriminated against because of who they are. You are always safe here. You have a home here within these pages. 

I wish I could hug you. I wish I could hold your hand and stand beside you, but I can't. So I will give you my voice and a safe haven instead. 

I see you. I hear you. I am with you. 


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