"Does that feel good?" He asks into my mouth. It feels like he is just rubbing me, how does it feel so good? I nod and he slows his fingers down.

"Does it feel better than when you do it?" What?

"Does it? " He asks again.

"Wh..what?" I manage to say even though I have no control of my body or mind right now.

"When you touch yourself? Does it feel like this? Wait.. you've never done that either have you?" his voice is full of surprise and something else.. lust? He goes back to kissing me and his fingers keep moving up and down. "You're so responsive to me, so wet" he says and I moan. Why are these filthy words so hot when Harry says them? I feel a gentle pinch and it sends a shock through my whole body.

"What? Was.. that" I half ask half moan. He chuckles and doesn't answer but I feel him do it again and my back arches off of the grass. His mouth travels down to my neck, then my chest. His tongue dips down under the cup of my bra and his hand massages the other. I feel a pressure building in my stomach and it is pure bliss. I pinch my eyes closed and bite down on my lip, my back lifts off the grass once again and my legs begin to shake.

"That's right Tessa, come for me" he says and I feel like I am spiraling out of control. "Look at me baby" he purrs and I open my eyes, and look at him, The sight of his mouth nipping the skin on my chest sends me over the edge and my vision goes white for a few seconds. "Harry" I repeat and I can tell by the way his cheeks flush that he loves it. He pulls his hand out and rests it on my stomach as I try to return my breathing to normal. My body has never felt so relaxed before.

"I'll give you a minute to recover" he laughs to himself and moves away from me. I frown, I want him to stay close. After the best few minutes of my life I sit up and look towards Harry. He has his jeans and shoes on.

"We are leaving already?" The embarrassment clear in my voice. I had assumed he would want me to touch him too, I know I don't know what to do but he could explain it to me.

"Yea, you wanted to stay longer?"

"I just thought.. I don't know. I thought maybe you would want something.." I have no idea how to say this. Lucky for me he catches on.

"Oh, no. I am okay, for now" he says and gives me a small smile. Is he going to go back to being mean again? I hope not, not after this. I have just shared the most intimate experience I have ever had with him, I won't be able to stand it if he treats me terribly again. He did say 'for now' so he wants something later? I am already starting to regret this. I put my clothes on over my wet bra and panties and try to ignore the wetness between my thighs. Harry picks up his wet shirt and hands it to me.

He takes in my confused expression and says, "to wipe off" Oh. I unbutton my pants and he doesn't bother to turn around as I do what he recommended and hand him his shirt back. He doesn't seem bothered by it as  he carries the shirt in his hand while I step into my shoes. The air around has changed from passionate to distant and I find myself wishing to be as far away from him as possible.

I wait for him to talk to me as we walk back to the car, but he doesn't. My mind is already coming up with every possible worst case scenario that will occur next. He opens my door for me and I nod to thank him.

"Is something wrong?" He asks me while he drives back down the gravel road.

"I don't know. Why are you being so weird now?" I ask him, even though I am afraid of his answer.

"I'm not, you are"

"No, you haven't said a word to me since..you know"

"Since I gave you your first orgasm?" he finishes for me and my mouth drops. Why am I still surprised by his dirty mouth?

"Uhm, yea. Since that, you haven't said anything. You just got dressed and we left. It makes me feel like you're using me or something" Honesty seems to be the best option right now.

"What? Of course I am not using you. To use someone I would have to be getting something out of it" he says and I feel the tears coming. I do my best to swallow them back but one escapes.

"Are you crying? What did I say? " he reaches over and puts his hand on my thigh. To my surprise it soothes me. "I didn't mean it like that, I am sorry. I am not used to whatever is supposed to happen after messing around with someone, plus I wasn't going to just drop you off at your room and go our separate ways, I thought maybe we could get some dinner or something? I am sure you're starving" he smirks and squeezes my thigh gently.

I smile back at him, I am relieved by his words. I don't know what it is about Harry that makes me so emotional , in every way possible. The idea of him using me makes me more upset than it should and for the first time since he picked me up I remember I have a boyfriend. My feelings for Harry are so confusing, I hate him one minute and want to kiss him the next. He makes me feel things I never knew I could, not just sexually. He makes me laugh and cry, yell and scream, but most of all he makes me feel alive.

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