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Pastel blues and purples stretched across the twilight sky, giving the morning a sad melancholy mood.

When her eyes opened widely a sense of relief overcame her knowing she could breath freely again.

The smell of wet grass and pine danced throughout her nostrils as she sat up on the hard ground, she looked around to see the guy who had passed out on her earlier face down in the grass lightly snoring.

"Wake up." She demanded smacking his arm, only to have him turn around and smack his lips multiple times.

"Wake up!" The urgency in her voice projected once more but he was obviously still passed out.

She shook her head in disapproval as she hoisted her arms on her knees to stand up, her heels burrowing deeply into the soil making her sink in.

"Fuck." She whispered pulling her left foot from the soil successfully, when she attempted to pull out the right one she fell over and the expensive DKNY heel snapped.

"Fuck." She said again slipping her foot from the strap, with one bare foot and no other heel she took the other one off and tossed it casually to the floor before skimming around the backyard for a way to awaken the slob that was asleep on the ground.

A hose attached to a spigot gave her a good idea.

Casually striding across the wet grass she made her way towards the spigot where she picked up the long green hose and then proceeded to turn the faucet to its maximum pressure.

With the water pelting him harshly, he opened his eyes, the cold water and the cold air didn't even allow Nick to process his emotions quickly.

He just lay frozen allowing the water to hit him until he finally realized how angry he was about it.

"Turn it off!" He yelled sitting up, his back facing the powerful water, he could hear a small giggle subsiding.

"Or what?" The soft voice teased,

"Or I'll fucking murder you." He warned standing up from the now muddy ground beneath him.

Shrugging she turned the faucet off and watched as the guy began to squeeze the water out of his clothes.

A nasty scowl was on his face while he was doing so, "Hey." The girl said getting his attention.

"What?" He snarled staring at her menacingly,

"I need a ride home."

He let out a small chuckle, "Go fuck yourself."

"You owe me." She urged getting closer to him,

"Owe you? You fucking blasted me with fucking freezing water," He glared momentarily over at her, "besides I didn't drive here." Nick replied harshly shaking his messy hair about.

"At least call me a cab."

Reaching into his back pocket Nick pulled out the soaked iPhone before tossing it over to her, it landed on the ground, he quickly he turned his back on her so he wouldn't have to look at her.

Biting her lip she impatiently tapped her foot, "Listen I really need to get home, I'm kinda sick and I can't walk alone I just, ugh at least walk me home." Her sweet voice cracked, Nick looked down at his shoes before turning around to look at her again, he merely nodded his head in agreement.

"Thank you." She said strolling over to the fence that led to the front yard, trudging behind her he saw that she was already waiting in the middle of the street, she was wearing a short white dress and no shoes.

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