Another End

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He pushes the barrel into my forehead. My tears have stopped and the air feels cold as it touches my cheeks. I reach out and rest my hand on his chest so I can feel his heartbeat. At least his heartbeat is still him. The bullet clicks into the chamber

"Tobias, please... It's me" I try again but nothing of recognition floods through his eyes. He doesn't know who I am.

The shot come. I scream in pain as I look down at my leg. The blood is pouring out of the wound and my breaths comes out in gasps

"T-Tobias..." I whisper as tears flow down my cheek "I love you" I say and that's the last thing I ever say. The next shot hit me in my stomach and another come near my heart. I feel myself falling. Hitting the floor hard and the breaths becomes more and shallower until there is no longer there.


I see our enemy fall to the ground. Shallow breaths comes from her and I stand above her looking down at her. A smile on my face. I did well. I killed the enemy.

But when I look at the girl in front of me I can't see an enemy anymore. Pictures flashes before my mind.

The net. My hand touching her. Me welcoming her to Dauntless

Watching her limb body in my bed after she was attacked.

I know this girl

Me kissing her at the chasm

Me telling her my real name

I love this girl. Tris

Her name is Tris.

"Tris!" I yell as I sink down at my knees clutching her still body in my arms. Tears pour out of my eyes. I killed her. I killed my Tris.

A door open a couple of feet away from us and an Erudite lady walk out. She looks pleased when she see the body in my arm

"Good work, Mr Eaton" She says. Like it's a good thing I killed my Tris. I don't respond to her cruel words. My hand stroke some of Tris hair away from her face and I place a soft kiss on her cheek.

"I love you" I whisper before I softly place her on the ground and stand up.

I am covered in blood. Her blood.

I stalk towards the monitor and watch closely as my fellow dauntless kills the abnegation. What is the point in all of this? Before someone had the chance to act I crush the monitor and the program to pieces. Every Erudite in there watch me closely and take a step back when I near them.

I am face to face o Jeanine.

"You killed her!" I scream as I blow a punch at her, who she so smoothly avoids

"No. You killed her Tobias" She says. And she is right. I pulled the trigger. I pointed the gun to her. I shot her.

I turn the gun towards me and without another second to think. I pull the trigger and I fell blankly to the floor. My last thoughts is about Tris.


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