Chapter 31: High School Musical

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Even though Yongguk said he woke up with a headache, I still made him go to school. That's what he gets for going to a party on a freakin school night.

We were just about to walk into school when I hear Yongguk's friends neaby. I turned around and saw Zelo, Himchan, Jongup, and Youngjae all attempting to walk in a straight line, they all kind of looked like zombies though.

"Hold on," I hold Yongguk's hand to stop walking, "Let's wait for our friends."

Youngjae looks up and notices that we were waiting for them so we could all walk into school together, I gave a small smile and wave but once they got closer I smacked all of them on their heads.

"Ow! What the hell was that for??" Zelo grabs the side of his head. I probably made his hangover even worse.

"Because you guys are all so stupid for partying and getting drunk on a Wednesday night. And you even woke me up so I could pick up Yongguk at the party! Who's idea was it to give this idiot alcohol in the first place??"

"Stop yelling at us mom," Jongup covered his ears, "And Yongguk called us up cos he was feeling depressed yesterday so we thought it'd be a good idea to take him out since he needed to loosen up."

"And he got drunk all on his own. So if you should hit someone, it should be him," Himchan added.

Himchan was right. I turned to Yongguk and hit him on the side of his head as well. Now no one was left out.

"Why were you feeling depressed yesterday?" I asked him.

Yongguk looked to the rest of the guys as if he was mentally telling them not to say anything. "It was nothing."

"No wait, tell me what's wrong...or else I'll slap your head again." I threatened.

Yongguk looked at me with his lip quivering. It was probably the hangover that was making him act so weird. I waited for his response and finally, he opened his mouth to speak, "I...I have to go throw up really quick." And then he just sped walked into the school building, leaving me with the guys.

The guys walked around me and stepped up the stairs but I held Youngjae back, still looking for an explanation, "Can you tell me what was going on yesterday?"

Youngjae ruffled the back of his hair and squinted his eyes, "I don't know if I'm allowed to say anything, but eventually Yongguk will tell you. I guess you just gotta give him some time."


A while back, Nayeon asked me to join the school musical with her. Thinking it would be a fun idea, I decided to go to try outs. After an hour and 30 minutes of learning and performing both a song and dance in front of the drama teacher, everyone who tried out waited outside of the school theater for the teacher to post up who got a part.

Nayeon was the first one to rush up to the bulletin board once the list was posted. She turned to me while a huge smile on her face, I'm assuming she got the role she wanted.

"Guess what~~~~" She sang in her melodic voice.

"Whaaat~" I mimicked her.

Nayeon brushed off my sarcasm and grabbed my hands, "You and I are have the two leading roles in the musical!"


Monday afternoon, the cast regrouped for musical practice. Nayeon was running scenes with her partner aka the leading man. I met the guy who was supposed to play my partner last week, he was a really good singer, but I have yet to see him arrive at practice.

"Jieun, do you have a moment?" the drama teacher called me over. "It seems as if we have a slight problem. The guy who originally was your partner had to back out of the musical because of his grades, so I asked one of my drama students to take his place."

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