A and D (22)

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It was funny.

The less worry I felt on the first game of the season, the more anxiety I felt right now. The pressure of being undefeated this season was getting to me. It was the last game, so if we lost now, that would just be sad and embarrassing.

The fact that we were against our most notorious rival school didn’t help things for the better. Oddly enough, they were undefeated as well. The difference between us and them; they did what it took them to win. No matter how many fouls they committed, as long as they got the win in the end.

We also lost to them last year. It was the last game of the season, too. But we weren’t undefeated then like we were now.

I sighed as I held the ball in my hands. I was in the locker room, sitting on one of the benches. The others were already warming up out in the gym. I stayed behind.

I stared off to space as I concentrated on what would happen later in the court. There was no denying that it was going to be a brutal game. We had to do our best. We had to play like it was our last. We had to win.

Or at least, lose trying.

The door opened, and I looked up.

“Dude, don’t you want to warm up?” asked Luke. His hand was still on the doorknob, indicating that he just came to summon me to the court.

I nodded. “Yeah, sure,” I answered, standing up.

We went to our side of the court, joining our teammates who were taking turns to shoot the ball into the hoop.

The crowd cheered when they saw me enter the court. I flashed them all a smile. I found Mom and Dad at the bleachers, and I waved at them. Mom beamed, while Dad just nodded in approval. Then, I looked for the girl with humongous square-rimmed glasses.

I frowned when I didn’t see her. Where was Dakota?

I happened to know that she was in charge of the paper’s Sports Column. So she should be here watching an important game like this. I looked around some more, growing worried when I still couldn’t find her in the bleachers.

“What’s up with the frown, man?” asked Luke.

I turned to him and ignored his question.

“Have you seen Dakota?” I wondered, keeping my voice casual.

Luke raised an eyebrow at me. He opened his mouth to say something. But before he could answer, Ethan cut him off.

“Dudes!” he breathed out. “Who’s that chick?”

I couldn't help but laugh at his face. His eyes were wide in amazement. He looked like his breath was taken away. It was as though he'd seen a goddess. And for Ethan, that was saying something.

“Oh, yeah?” he said, somewhat offended by my laugh. He turned me around and pointed a girl to me. “Look who’s laughing now.”

I stopped laughing. The smile on my lips instantly vanished, as I continued to gaze at the girl.

Wow. Seriously, it was just . . . wow.

Let me describe her: she was wearing white long-sleeves under a grey trench coat, and dark skinny jeans. Her dark hair was in loose curls and her smile . . . it was breathtaking. It looked so natural. And her eyes said that there was more to her than met the eye. Her movements showed that despite the way she looked, she wasn't the typical girl you would meet.

She wasn't smoking hot, not that pretty either. But there was just something that made me stare at her. There was this certain appeal that made – and I was sure not only me – everybody pay attention to her.

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