Chapter 5

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~•Mini Time-Skip•~

  I walk into the guild a little later than I usually do. Sighing, I lay my head on a table, a little tired from all the action that just happened minutes before.

What has this world come to? Thieves, traitors, and evil guild masters? I think, and I almost giggle at the last one. Now I'm just being ridiculous. He's probably always been this way.

"(Y/N)!" A booming voice shouts across the guild hall. I scramble to my feet, startled. I quickly walk to the guild master's chair/throne, which Jiemma is proudly sitting in.

I bow, knowing that will help keep his suspicions of me at bay, but gritting my teeth as I do it.

"Yes, Master?" I ask.

He smiles with a misguided expression of pride in his face.

"I heard you made a little scene this morning. Without the use of magic," He says. "I appreciate your display of strength."

Uhmm, what?! How did he hear about this, exactly? That was like 10 minutes ago! Also, is someone else stalking me for him or something?

I hold back my confusion. Instead, I smile in a similar manner, thinking of the deed I had done.

"It was nothing, Master." I tell Jiemma.

"Good," he responds, "I think you'll have a chance in the Grand Magic Games."

I stiffen.

He's planning to enter me into the Grand Magic Games?? Why?

"Thank you, Master. I will train harder than ever before if those are your plans. " I say, trying to be careful of my wording.

He nods.

"Your magic will be of use." Jiemma says. "But if you lose..."

  His dark aura automatically appears.

  I nod.

  "Understood, Master." I acknowledge.

"You will be our reserve member. I have already selected and notified your other team members: Sting, Rogue, Rufus, Orga, and Yukino. Train with them, and show me the strength of the Number One Guild in Fiore!"

  "I am pleased to be of service." I answer, then bow again and walk back to the table I was sitting at.

   So, I'm going to be in the Grand Magic Games. Great. I think. They don't even know my real magic...

   I have two different magics. The first one I learned (my primary magic) is the one I use today: Support Magic. I can make my allies attacks more powerful at will, and decrease the power of my foes' attacks. I can also manipulate speed and armor, and many other things.

My other magic...well, that's a secret. Nobody knows my special magic in this guild. Or any other guild, actually.

It is my only true secret, yet to be revealed.

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