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It was a rainy day in N'awlins and it was always the same stuff. Here is anotha' day whea' we had ta go to'a funeral. Seems like people dyin' left and right these days. First Pops, then Uncle Pete, and then Aunt Mary. Crazy how your family fall apart with the people you're used to seeing. I feel like I ain't really got nobody now, except for Mama.

I know you prolly wonderin' why a good lookin' guy like myself look like he ain't got much goin' on fa himself, but guess what? You fuckin' wrong! I got way mo' shit goin' on then you'a imagine. First off, you'on know me, so don't play like you do. Too many claim they know some'n but it's a front. Wonda' how I get around?

You would think I'd be a hoopa' or a rappa' or some'n but I ain't. I've done things I ain't e'en think of my myself ta do. Robbin', killin', slangin', allat bullshit. It's like I got addicted ta this shit and couldn't stop. My mama said I was crazy and ain't want nothin' ta do wit' a yungin' so she kicked me out and cut off all communications wit' me. I'on blame her, but I still gotta do what I gotta do. I'm embedded in this life, 'specially since they took Mel fo' years ago. I jus' grind ta keep myself busy.

"You wunna know what I tol' the bitch?" Huey questioned as we was gatha'd up in one'a my many warehouses.

"What you say folk?" Michael asked.

"I tol' her ta get on her knees and do the do." He said laughin'.

"Ayyee woadie, tell Trelly and nem let's get this shit started. I got shit I gotta do." I sighed, shakin' my head. I wasn't the type ta degrade a woman, but they had ta respect themselves first.

"Aight Tony." Huey said.

I go by Tony because this street life can get you caught up. Start pissin' the wrong people off and you in for the long run. Ain't no tellin' who watchin' and ain't no tellin' who snitchin'. But I do my best ta keep my personal & bidness life seperate. Afta' discussin' a lil bit of this new idea with Trelly and Huey, I left ta my home girl house.

"Why whenever you leave, I'll call and text you and you don't respond? Then some weeks go by before you show your face?" Lauryn questioned me.

"I tol' you I be busy." I mumbled, taking my hoodie off, sitting down on the couch.

"Too busy to talk to answer my calls and text messages?"

"I'on wanna hea' any lip." I sighed. "Stop questionin' me." I spat.

"I am your girlfriend August!" She shouted. "This up and running the streets and coming back whenever you feel like it is getting old." She ranted as I massaged the bridge of my nose.

"Lauryn, please shut the hell up." I said. "I ain't come hea' ta hea' you bitch at me bout stupid shit." I mumbled as I got comfortable on the side of the bed I always lay on.

"You're an ass." She said throwin' a pillow at me.

"Get on." I mumbled before lettin' my sleep take ova'.

Me and Lauryn? We met about some years back and it's been jus' somethin' fa us ta do. As the years went by, Lauryn's feelin's jus' got a lil ahead of herself. She's down ta an extent. She doesn't condone my way of livin' life, but she tolerates it.

"Yo?" I answa'd my ringin' phone.

"Tony, it's Trelly. Where you at?"

"I'm at Lauryn's tryna sleep mayne. Wassup?" I mumbled as I looked ova' my shoulda' ta see a sleepin' Lauryn.

"I just got a call from Rich."

"Rich?" I questioned, gettin' up outta the bed. "About?"

"He's sweating my ass about joining my families crew." He sighed. "Saying I belong with them."

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