Chapter 1

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"You're a silly kitty, Wrigley!" His little paws were climbing up my blankets that I hung to dry. I reached to unhook his claws before he ripped a hole in one of the few blankets I had. It had rained all last night and the day before, soaking every one of my possessions.

My "shelf," made out of a cardboard box, started to sag, letting a few of Wrigley's toys to tumble into the mud. Wrigley immediately pounced on his favorite toy, splashing mud everywhere. "Wrigley," I scolded. "We need to pack up our stuff. There is no way we can stay the night here with all of this flooding."

Chicago usually didn't get much rain, but when it happens, the lower streets always got flooded. I picked up my "bed", which was made out of a blanket and a towel for a pillow, and the rest of my stuff into the soggy box. "Wrigley, come here." I spotted him across the street trying to eat a flower. His ears perked up and he started to cross the road when I heard a rumbling noise.

The headlights were barely visible through the rain and I knew Wrigley hadn't seen the car coming. Just as Wrigley crossed into the car's lane, I began to run towards him. I couldn't even think about what I would do without him so I sprinted to Wrigley and I tossed him into the grass.

Before I had time to follow Wrigley, I heard the thunk of my body hitting the hood of the car, then the glass cracking on the windshield. I felt like I was going to die. My body screamed in pain, but I managed to look out to Wrigley who, was so frightened by the noises, had crawled into my soggy box. I tried to move towards him but every inch of my body felt like it was on fire. The pain was so great, everything went dark.

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