Chapter 2: Supergirl-Sidewolf Duo

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The next morning, I didn't even see Trina. However, I did see Jared and his girlfriend.

"Well, howdy there. Hayley is it?" The blonde girl asked with what I detected as a Texas accent

"Bailey." I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. I knew girls like this. When they pretended not to know your name, you knew you were on their watch list. "I haven't had the pleasure of meeting you yet, but you must be Jared's girlfriend. He won't stop talking about you." Ok so he barely talked about her, but I figured I would let her know that I wasn't here to steal him, and I could also give him boyfriend points while I'm at it.

"I'm Mindy. And he does? Hopefully good things?" She looked at him and slapped his arm playfully.

"Oh yes. I mean I've only been here for a day, but in that time he's been bragging about you." Jared gave me a grateful but confused look. I gave him one right back. "I couldn't wait to meet you." A smile so fake I nearly tore through my cheekbones painted my face. But luckily she didn't see that. Jared definitely did, but she didn't.

"Well, it was a pleasure meeting you, Bailey, but I've got to go to work now." She turned to Jared and spoke softer. "See you later, baby." She kissed him and he walked her out to her car.

When he came back inside, he gave me a look. "Laying it on thick, don't you think?"

"Hey, hey, hey, don't yell at me when I gave you brownie points. Let's be real, she'll be rewarding you later for it."

Jared smirked for a second before grimacing. "And I am so not talking to you about this."

"That's fine. I heard enough of it last night. Yeah, heads up, if your parents ever come up here, you might want to go somewhere else to do it. She's quite the screamer." I advised him.

"So breakfast!" He noticeably reddened and switched topics.

"Oh hush, Jared. We're both adults now and can talk freely about sex. Stop acting like it's a sin." I rolled my eyes and hopped onto one of the stools at the counter while he made eggs.

"Sorry, B, but you're like my little sister. I cannot talk about sex anymore with you than I could with Trina or my parents. It's just weird."

"Oh whatever. Anywho, so what's her deal?"

"Mindy?" He asked. "I don't think she has a deal."

I raised my eyebrow. "Yeah right. Every girl has a deal. I'm distant, Trina's clingy, and you're shy. Just by hearing you guys last night, I'm going to guess that she's the paranoid type."

"She's not paranoid." He rolled his eyes.

"Really? Then why was she worrying about who I was last night? Sounds like a jealous girlfriend to me!"

"How did you hear that? Were you eavesdropping?"

"It's not eavesdropping when you're loud." I said.

Jared looked like he was going to say something, but refrained. Instead, he said, "ok, so what if she's the jealous type? Aren't most girls?"

"Well yes. But you have jealous, and then you have crazy." I gave him a pointed look.

"Are you calling my girlfriend crazy?" He asked with anger clear in his voice.

"I'm not calling her anything. Just be careful, Jare." With that, I left the kitchen with a plate of eggs and headed to the porch to eat. It was always humid and hot around this time in Florida, so it was nice being able to eat outside without dripping in sweat.

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