The Man and His Box

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I closed my laptop, sighing and rubbing my face. I needed to get outside. I had been cooped up inside my house for two days, without so much as a breath of the world outside my bedroom window. I shook my head and stood up, changing out of my pajamas and pulling on my shoes. I don't care if it was summer, this wasn't healthy.

I bounded down the stairs, grabbing my earbuds from the dish on the table in the entryway. "Mom! I'm going for a walk!" I called out. "Okay, have fun honey!" My mom called from her office. I stepped outside and took a deep breath of the fresh summer air. I tapped away on my phone and put my earbuds in, my ears soon filling with music. I walked down my driveway and started down the sidewalk, my head bobbing to the beat of my music.

I walked further and further away from my house until I got to a small grassy area that kids in the neighborhood liked to play sometimes. I sat down on one of the benches and looked out at the patches of flowers blossoming around me.

A little while later I sensed someone sit down beside me and I looked to my left to see a strange man in a tweed suit and bowtie sitting next to me fiddling with a handheld machine of some kind. I paused my music and stealthily observed what he was doing out of the corner of my eye.

"I know you are watching me," He surprised me by saying a few minutes later, not looking up from his work. I pretended not to notice he said anything. "I saw you turn off your music a while ago. You can stop pretending." I let out a sigh of defeat and he chuckled.

"What is that?" I asked curiously, looking at the machine he was working on. "It's my timey-wimey detector." He answered. "It's your what?" I asked, eyeing him. "It helps me detect if anything strange is nearby." "I think I found something," I said, tapping his bowtie. "Hey! Bowties are cool." He said, adjusting his bowtie. I laughed.

He pulled another small device out of his jacket pocket, pointing the green tip at his detector thing and pressing a button. The green tip lit up a bit and the device made a slight buzzing noise. The detector suddenly came to life, whirring and lighting up, much to the man's delight. "See? Nothing a sonic screwdriver can't fix." He flipping the device in his hand and putting it back in his jacket pocket. I opened my mouth to ask what that was, but decided against it and closed it.

"So what's your name?" He asked, turning to look me in the eyes. I was caught off guard by the question. Usually people you meet at the park don't ask about you. He stared at me intently and I cleared my throat. "I'm Mirabelle, but nobody calls me that." He looked up at me, his left eyebrow raised slightly inquisitively. "What do people call you, then?" He asked. "Bella," I replied. He smiled at me. "Well it's lovely to meet you, Bella."

"So what's your name?" I asked him. His face changed slightly, as if he was trying to add dramatic effect. "I'm the Doctor." He said, a smile playing on his lips. "Do you seriously expect me to believe your name is the Doctor?" I asked incredulously. "Well, you better believe it." He said, a smile stretching across his face.

The machine buzzed and vibrated in his hand and he looked down at it, his eyebrows crinkling in concern. "Well that's not good." He said, standing up. "What is it?" I asked him, looking cautiously at the machine. "No, just, very bad readings." He muttered, whapping the machine with his hand, only causing it to buzz louder. He looked around and his eyes widened when he saw something behind me.

"Bella, I want you to stand up, but don't look behind you." He said slowly, his eyes not moving. "What? Is something wrong? What is it?" I asked, suddenly worried. "I want you to take a few steps towards me; there's a good girl." He reached down and grabbed my hand. I looked up at him, surprised.

"Run," He whispered, taking off down the sidewalk, pulling me along with him. "Where are we going?" I called after him, trying to keep up with him so my arm wouldn't be pulled out of its socket. "Just trust me, and don't look behind you!" He responded, our feet pounding the sidewalk.

We turned a corner and I saw an old blue police box, like the kind you'd see in old English movies. He stopped in front of it, pushing open one of the doors and letting go of my hand. "Get in," He said, looking behind us frantically. "What? I'm not getting in there with you!" I said. He rolled his eyes, shoving me inside. I was surprised when I fell forwards but didn't hit my head on the other side of the box.

I felt him slip passed me and the door closing behind me. He reached out his hand and helped me up, smiling at me slightly. "Sorry about that, didn't expect you to fall." I took a step back and looked around. The room we were in was massive, much too big to be inside that tiny box. I looked around to see a console with lots of switches and levers on it in the middle of the room, with walkways with stairs leading off the center area. The console had a tube stretching to the ceiling, with two circular panels turning in opposite directions on top, with strange circular designs on them.

"It's, bigger on the inside." I said, looking around in awe. He smiled and laughed. "Yeah, I get that a lot."

"What is it?" I asked, spinning in a slow circle, trying to take it all in. "It's called a TARDIS. It stands for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space." He answered, walking over to the console and stroking it. "So it's a spaceship?" I asked. "It's a time traveling spaceship." The console whirred loudly. "Sorry, she's a time traveling spaceship."

"Where'd you get it?" I asked, walking over and standing by him by the console. He smirked and wiggled his eyebrows at me. "I stole her." "Oo, you bad boy." I said, smirking and laughing at him. "Where'd you steal it from?"

The smirk vanished from his face and clenched and unclenched his hands, rubbing them together while slowly walking around the console. "Well, that's where it get's complicated. I'm not exactly, human." He said, looking at me, waiting for my reaction. "Well then, what are you?" I asked, confused. I mean, he looked human, for the most part. "I'm a Timelord from Gallifrey. I've got two hearts and can regenerate if fatally wounded." I eyed him, pursing my lips and squinting my eyes.

"So let me get this straight," I said, resting my hands on the console, looking him in the eye. "I was just kidnapped by a humanoid alien that has two hearts, and taken to a time traveling spaceship to supposedly be protected from an enemy I'm not even allowed to look at." He scrunched up his face, thinking for a second before replying. "Yeah, pretty much."

I jumped when I suddenly heard a loud bam against the door. "And that would be the enemy you're not allowed to look at." He said, running around the console, flipping switches and pushing buttons. "Hold on," He said, his hand gripping a lever. He flipping the lever and the room started shaking and I had to grab the console to prevent being thrown to the side. "Geronimo!" He shouted.

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