Chapter 8 (」゚ロ゚)」

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Abby's POV
I watch as my mate stood before me with tears in his eyes. My wolf was still mad at him and yet she, felt Sebastians wolf whimper. "I-i love you with all my heart." He said his eyes slowly looking at me with tears streaming down his cheeks, "I want you." He said, with so much meaning in them. It made me want to walk over to him, and hug all his pain away but I told myself no. I made myself to not feel any sempathy this man right before my eyes started abusing me since freshman year. "I'm so sorry Abby...can we go back to the house and talk this threw?" He questioning asked me. I looked at him and walked back with out saying a word. My tail was moving angerly as I kept my head low in case he attaked me.
We walked home and I shifted back into my human form and walked to his room, sitting down. He followed after me and sat down on the bed right next to me keeping some space between us. I felt his eyes stare at me as I look ahead at the wall. "Hey, look Abby I'm sorry." I didn't say nothing, I just kept quiet.
"Can you tell me who told you this?" He said stroking my hair, I simply looked at him. "Sabrina, she told me" I said with no emotion. I heard a deep growl from him that made me cringe and look away at the same time.
Sebastian stood up starting to walk to the door, my eyes widen a bit as I stood up and got in front of him. "No" I said looking at him, he looked down and growled backing up a bit and his hand went to his lip ring. "She was just telling the truth, no reason to harm her." I said, as I moved his hand away from his lip ring. A louder growl came from him tapped my hand away from his. "She told a lie, she's a bitch that needs to know her place!" He yelled, "please, just calm down." I said smoothingly
He growled louder and kissed me.
And with that I was beyond confused.

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