Chapter 1

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Hay guys I'm shania and this is my first time writing a story in my INTIRE life so don't judge me ill do my best hope you like it 😊😊😊

Ring Ring🔔🔔!!!

Kisha:"ughhhhhhh" rolling out of bed on to the floor to turn her alarm of.

Kisha: "time for another terrible day at this teenage trap they call a school"

Kisha gets up and goes in the bathroom and start brushing her teeth and washing her face then jumps in the shower.

After she's done with her hygiene she finds an outfit and puts on a crop top that says kiss me on it and some faded ripped jeans with her brand new jordens and K necklace her mom got her for her 17th birthday.

Kisha:"Mama, I'm gone" she said walking into the living room about to walk out the door.

KM(kisha's mom):alright see you later.

Kisha gets in her car turns on Power Trip by J.Cole ft Miguel and drives to school.


As Kisha pulls up in her normal parking spot she spots her friends coming around the corner.

Ashley:"Wassup my nigga" (in her loud voice)

Kisha:"Hay Ashley, wassup yall" to her friends standing to the side.

Destiny:"Hay crackhead" ( her favorite word)

Kay:"hay girl"


Tyshay:"Wad up doe"

Kisha:"yall I'm so tired I fell outta bed this mourning nd hit the floor extra hard"

Ashley:"HAHA u bust yo sh*t"!!!

Kisha:"Shut up, anyway did any one of yall do the math homework"????


Keisha:"Dang yall never do yall homework"

Tyshay:"Because that stuff be hard a'f I be gettin headaches as soon as a nigga pick up the math book"

EB:LOL Tyshay u dumb!!!!

Mrs.Griffen:"Excuse me would you kids mind getting to class now and stop crowding the hallway"

Destiny:"ight we got u mrs.G" she said in a ghetto voice

Mrs.G:"Thank you"

Destiny:"Crack headed hoe" she said as soon as she walked down the hall


Ashley:u seen yo boyfriend today yet

Kisha:nope but ill see him later, he probably late again knowing him


Kay:yea prodigy always late


Keisha:"ight yall I'm finna head to class see yall later"

EB:ight Deuces


Kisha P.O.V

Mrs.Smith: "alright kids take out your math book and switch with your homework partner for grading"

I finally found somebody to copy off of so I finished my homework in time for grading

??:ayoo kisha

Kisha:What you want Princeton

Prince:When you gon hook me up wit Ashley????

He has been liking Ashley ever since she moved her 2 years ago and he keep asking me to hook them up