Chapter 9

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"Evelyn!" Alice was the first one to greet her cousin when the young Blackburn walked through the front doors of the Blackburn manor with Harry followed her in a few moments later; a few good metres behind her.

Ever since Evelyn revealed to Harry her identity, he had been very quiet and looked as if he was in deep though. There was a constant thoughtful frown folded over his brows and once in a while he would glance over at Evelyn with thoughtful and wondering eyes...

"Alice!" Evelyn grinned as she rushed up to her cousin to receive a tight hug. "I haven't seen you in so long! How are you here, where's Marcus?"

"Evelyn, I..." But before Alice had the time to answer Evelyn's question, they were interrupted.

"Oh my baby! We were worried sick!" Lynette, Evelyn's mother was the second one to rush into the grand foyer to greet her youngest daughter with open arms. "We've been looking for you all morning, where have you been?"

"Umm," Evelyn stuttered, not knowing what kind of excuse she could make up without raising the suspicions of her family and she didn't want to tell them the truth behind her disappearing act that morning. "I... I went out for an early morning walk, to clear my head." 

Lynette frowned down at her daughter. Evelyn Blackburn had always been a bad liar and nobody could tell her lies and honesties better than her own mother. "Evelyn, it's almost noon, what took you so long?"

Evelyn opened her mouth, not knowing what to say, but before she could stumble over her own words and make a fool out of herself, Harry stepped to her rescue for the second time that day.

"Mrs Blackburn, I'm afraid that I'm the reason for Miss Blackburn's untimely return. You see, I was in the area, visiting Lord Marcus and coincidentally, I bumped into your daughter. I was curious of the events of last night and I guess I lost track of time while questioning her..." Evelyn felt Harry's presence behind her as he spoke confident yet kindly to her mother.

"Umm, I'm sorry but who are you?" Alice asked, staring at Harry with speculating gaze the moment her husband's name was mentioned. Then, at that very moment, Jonathan Blackburn walked into the room, but there was no sight of Nora coming to greet her little sister.

"Lord Harry Edward Styles," the vampire smiled politely at the young human. "I do believe that we met a few times before during your husband's parties, Lady Alice." 

Alice sucked in a breath of gasp when the vampire in front of her revealed his name. Of course, ever since the human had married to the famous Lord Marcus, getting to know his world and the people he associates with had become a part of her life, and Alice had heard of many stories about the vampire before her; and only a few stories were good.

"Well, I guess since you're home, I better get going." Harry smiled down at Evelyn, revealing his angelic dimples.

"Wait! Are we going to meet again soon?" The young Blackburn asked, her eyes glistening with hope.

Harry didn't reply. Instead, he just did a bowed his head a little at the family. "It was very nice to meet all of you." He mentioned before swiftly leaving.

"Evelyn." Jonathan's strong voice echoed in the grand foyer seconds after Harry's departure. His face was stone hard and spoke of business.  

It was the first time that he had directly spoken to her since Lord Marcus' visit to the Blackburn manor...

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