what your parents think of him

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You are about 6 years younger than him and your parents think that the difference is a bit too much. Also they worry that he is going to break your heart by his womanizing ways. after a large fight with them over the love of your life, you would run to Ash with tears flooding out of your eyes. However when you guys hit your 3rd anniversary, they soon released that Ash was not going anywhere. They soon accepted him after that, there was no more arguments- more disagreements of when the grandchildren was coming.


when they first saw CC they did think that you guys were perfect for each other, you both were shy and different then everyone else. They were happy that there daughter has found the perfect one. Because your parents accepted CC and his career choice, they soon began to love BVB and came to gigs. Their love for him grew stronger when they released that he was the father of their first grand baby.


your parents want to see you as the perfect child and can't do no wrong. they did not get you or what you inspired to do with your life. they were old fashioned and when you walked in with Jake on your arm. they had a large loud conversation with you in front of Jake. despite all the bad words toward Jake, when your mother began to bad mouth you, Jake jumps to intervene. he could take the criticism, but he knew it hurt you when they said them things. when you walked out of the house you grew up in, you guys never went back and you became the happiest you have ever been.
You parents weren't the biggest fan of Andy. But when they noticed that the sparkle lights up in your eyes. They could not tell you that they did not approve. They could not let you lose that sparkle, so they tolerated Andy. To them Andy worked to hard for his own good, thinking Andy will just work and not spend time with you.Andy know that they did not so say like him, he worked very hard to get they approval. Andy know that he had to get they approval to have any type of future with you. Andy very so kindly showed your parents how he works and how hard he works, after your parents realise that he works very hard for you and your future together. They loved Andy and approved of any future you guys want together, they even payed for your wedding later on.
Your parents know that Jinxx was a good guy and was perfect for you. They knew the band side of Jinxx and the classical side of him. They loved both side of him. When you came home with the Rock on your finger they jumped for joy. They were happy that you found your perfect partner. Even though that Jinxx was a bit older than you, they still didn't care. Your parents even defended your relationship on media.

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