I hummed the first three lines of the song and that's all I remembered before my eyes lids fell.


I stirred in my sleep when I heard something rustling outside my car. My eyes were so heavy, I couldn't even open them, let alone sit up or even move. It must just be the wind, I told myself. And soon enough, I was dozing off again. Too tired, my body told me.

I jerked slightly, when I thought I heard my door open. I'm delusional now, that was not my car door. I'm just having a really vivid dream right now.

"Where are the fucking keys?" I heard someone mumble.

I froze and held my breath. Slowly I opened my eyes to see a dark figure sitting in the drivers seat. Whoever they were, they were searching frantically for my car keys.

Silently, I said a small prayer. A few seconds later, I heard the jingle of my keys that I had left on the passengers seat, and the ignition to my car start. I mentally kicked myself for leaving them in plain sight.

Whoever it was put it in reverse, then stepped on the gas almost causing me to roll off of my back seat. I hit my head against the door as whoever it was turned to the left sharply, and that apparently was enough to send a message from my brain to my body to unfreeze.

I sat up slowly and looked out the window, trying to figure out where we were going. All I knew is we were going towards the direction of my apartment complex, which could be a good thing. I think.

Quietly, I looked at the driver to see they were focused on getting somewhere, or anywhere rather. But suddenly it dawned on me. They had no idea I was sitting in the back seat, and secondly, he was stealing my car.

"Hey!" I shouted, which wasn't the brightest idea.

The person jumped, causing us swerved slightly to the right, and almost causing me to hit my head again the window. "Shit!" he quickly glanced up at the rear-view mirror and looked at me like a deer caught in headlights.

I grabbed on to the front passenger seat, trying to keep myself as steady as I could. "What the hell do you think you re doin-"

"Where do you live?" he demanded, cutting me off.

I climbed over the seats, making my way to sit in the front passenger seat. As I was climbing over my foot pressed into his upper arm, causing his breath to hitch slightly. "Stop the car." Did I have a death wish?

"Where the hell do you live?" he almost shouted. He removed his eyes from the road and focused on me. I flinched at his fierce gaze. Oh, if looks could kill.

I looked out through the windshield, biting hard on my lower lip. I don't know what he is capable of. Swallowing hard, I started to give him directions. "Follow this road, and on the right there are some apartments." I could have lead him to my mom's house, but what's the point if no one's home?

I checked the speedometer to see he was going almost ninety. I then checked the digital clock on the dashboard that read half past one in the morning. Seriously? I slept for four hours. Ridiculous.

"This right?" he pointed out the windshield. Following his finger I nodded my head. Out of my peripheral vision I saw what looked like blood on his shirt, thanks to the street lights we were passing for illuminating the inside of the car. He didn't seem in pain. Maybe it wasn't his blood?

Oh god, out of all the people to steal my car it had to be a murderer, right? Just great. I always have the best of luck.

I breathe a little sigh of relief when my apartment complex finally came into view.

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