Chapter One

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Chapter One.

I needed time alone.

Away from family, friends, and the city noise.


I just needed a small break, starting now.

It was always college this, and college that now, ever since I graduated a week ago. 'Did you go look at any colleges today, Sarah?', 'Did you apply anywhere, Sarah?', 'Do you have an idea for a major?'. College, college, college. I was starting to hate that word more and more, as each day went by. I'm pretty sure the next person to ask me the 'college' question, is going to end up getting a punch to the face.

Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a little, but quite frankly, I was tired of everyone constantly hounding me about it every single day.

The answer is, yes, I definitely wanted to go, but I just wanted a little break before I went. Doesn't everybody?

I think everybody expected me to follow my mothers footsteps and become a successful nurse, but I wasn't quite sure how to break it to her that I had other plans for my future.

Sighing heavily, I climbed into the back seat of my compact SUV to lay down. This car was one of my many graduation slash birthday gifts from my mom, and I loved it to death. As soon as she dangled keys in front of my face after my graduation ceremony, I almost passed out from joy.

I smiled at the memory.

I had parked at one of the parks that sat on the north side outskirts of the city. My friends and I use to always came here when we use to hangout late night. We would just sit in the swings, and lay around on a drawbridge on the playground, and talk about the most random of things you could possibly think of.

Hardly anyone ever came here at night, unless they came to do a late night jog or whatever, which was rare, but tonight there wasn't anyone here, like usual. Just me.

I looked up at the starry night sky through my panorama roof, and there were literally thousands of stars. Twinkling here and twinkling there. They all looked like they were winking at me, maybe even dancing. Just the sight of them all took my breath away.

One of the many downside to living in the city, I think, is that you can never see the stars. I hate light pollution. I always had to go to the outskirts of the city to get a somewhat decent view of them.

I felt my eyes growing heavier, and the familiar burning sensation that came when your eyes were telling you to just give up, shut them, and to go to sleep. As a few minutes passed, I just couldn't resist anymore. My eyes lids closed, but I shot them open trying my hardest to resist the temptation.

I ended up giving in within a few minutes. Only five minutes of resting my eyes and I have to get up, but that never happens the way you want it, does it? A thirty minute nap usually turns into a two hour nap. Well, for me at least it does.

I checked the clock on the dashboard and saw it was almost half passed nine, not too late yet. I can sneak in a quick power nap before I drive back to my apartment, which wasn't too far from here. I fished my iPod out of my purse, and started untangling my headphones. The radio always had crappy music playing at this time of night, and since I was too cheap to buy an aux cord, this is going to have to do.

Quickly shuffling my music, it settled on a song.

I tapped my foot against the door to the beat of the bass drum.

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