I Spy The Virginity Game

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"And another one bites the dust."

I sighed while watching our schools most prettiest girl run Away from the group of heartbreakers. The one that she was dating, Michael had just broken up with her right after she finally had sex with him last night.

They've been dating for 3 weeks and just like that, it was over.

It was so evil of Him to do it in front of his friends but he had too, it was all apart of the game.

"That's so messed up." My best friend Melissa commented sadly while we watched the group. We were crouched down behind the hallway corridor watching the guys which who were standing near the lunch room.

They were talking in a hushed conversation, they occasionally smirked I guess talking about the next victim and then they finally dispersed from there circle and entered the lunch room. It disgusted me that amongst the guys Carter, Justin, Michael, Caleb and last but not least was my brother Daniel. I till this day couldn't believe that he was apart of the group.

Melissa and I sighed and stepped from behind the wall and walked towards the lunch room as well.

"Why do you think Michael broke up with her?" Melissa asked. Her curly hair bouncing with each step.

"I don't know," I shrugged opening the lunch room door for us. As we stepped into the loud crowded lunch room I watched as Melissa glanced at the virginty brothers table. She always had a interest in them.

I never told Melissa about the game that they play and no one else in the school knew about them but If she knew and they found out that she knew then they would do something to humiliate her and I had to protect her.

"Oh my god Lana!" Melissa squealed. "Carter Victors is staring at you."

My head snapped to the direction of them. In shock i discovered that she was telling the truth. Carter and Justin were in fact smirking directly at me. 
There hair which were messes of  brown and black mops on there heads and Carters green eyes, Justin's blue ones they were sending strikingly sexy, scary smirks my way.
My voice trembled as I whispered. "Why- d-do you think th-ey're staring?"

Melissa was squealing in excitement."I don't know but they're coming over here!" My heart felt like it dropped when she said those words. I turned away and whispered. "Come on." As I headed towards the lunch line With all the other students. I couldn't let them talk to me, what were they up to anyway? There was no way in hell I was gonna fall into there trap of virginity stealing!

"It's Lana right?" A deep voice flew to my ears, I froze in my spot. I even felt the slight breeze of his minty breath on the back of my neck. I slowly turned around fully facing one of the virginity Brothers. The head Brother of them all, the one in charge, Carter Victors.

His tall frame towered over my short one and let's face it, he was a giant compared to me.
I placed a strand of hair behind my ear as I  looked up into his penetrating Green orbs. "Yes and your name is?"

He chuckles  and steps closer to me.
"I'm Carter. But you know that." He smirks. "You know I'm always at your house with Daniel."

I squinted my eyes at him.
"Then you know my name as well, since your always at my house." I smirked and he grinned liking the game I was playing. But wait this wasn't suppose to be a game. Shit. I decided to play it off and act annoyed all of the sudden. 
"So Whats sup?" I asked with pure attitude.

"You see, my friend Justin and I." Carter pointed at Justin who was standing with Melissa. He was making her laugh and blush. "We were wondering if we could stay the night at your house tonight."

I began laughing hysterically. "This is a joke right?" I giggled some more at his sad attempt to trick me. There was no way in hell I would let Carter or his sneaky friends stay the night at my house.

My mom and dad were gone on Vacation to my aunts wedding leaving Daniel in charge of me. Pshht.

But he isn't.

"Im afraid it's not a joke." Carter stated pressing his lips together. "Daniel says its cool because he has a date tonight." Carter grinned because my eyes widened.

"So I'll see you later." He gazed at me a second longer before turning and walking away.

How in the hell did this happen all so quickly? And how the hell would I get out this one when it involved the sneakiest of them all, The virginity thieves.


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