Chapter 14 - A call with news

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I was really happy about the fact that Harry and Katia kissed again.

Yeah I know, I shouldn’t prevent them, but I was too curious.

Suddenly the phone rings.

“Hello?” I said.

“Hello love. Here is mummy.” A female voice said.

“OMG! Hello! How are you? Is everything ok?”

“I’m fine thank you. Your dad and I figure something about Kimberley out.”

“That’s great! Please tell me.” I was really excited, what she’ll tell me now.

“Well we asked some people, if they have seen Kimberley – we showed them the pic you sent us. We asked so many people and none of them have seen her. The last person we asked was a boy named Alec. He knows her. The last time Alec saw Kimberley was yesterday, in front of an unknown hotel. He thinks that she lives there. Today or tomorrow your dad, I and Alec will try to visit her and find something more about her out.” My mum said.

“Wow. That’s great. But please be careful!”

“Of course darlin. I must hang up now.”

“Oh ok. Please call me again, after you visit Kim.” I said.

“Sure. We love you. Bye.”

“I love you too.”

I walked downstairs. I know, I don’t want to disturb Harry and Kat, but I must! I must tell them the news about Kim. I ran into Harry. “Oh sorry! Harry, my mum called me!”

At first he was dumbfounded, but then he recognized what I said. “OMG! Tell me, what did she say?”

“Wait a minute. Where’s Katia?” I asked him.

He blushed a little bit. “She’s inside. I think she’ll be back in a few minutes.”

“Ok… How is your date going?” I smiled at him cheeky.

“It’s perfect! Thank you again for helping me with everything! Little sister.” He winked.

At this moment Katia comes into the garden.

“Hey, you both are talking about me?” She smiled.

“Yeah of course! We talked about the pretty and crazy girl I love.” Harry looked at her with a passionate and soft look. Awwh they are so cute together.

“My mum called me.” I said. Katia severs her look from Harry and looked at me shocked. “What did she tell you?” I told them everything my mum said. As I finished Kat looks relieved.

“We’ll find her.” She whispered. I don’t know if she talked to herself or to Harry and me.

“Of course we’ll find her!” He said and took her into a hug. “I think we must tell Louis and Niall the news.”

“Dodo you can call Niall and tell him everything. I’m sure he’ll tell Louis then.”

“NO!” I shout. “Sorry, but I won’t call him.” I whispered.

“What?! What happened? Why will you not call Niall?” Kat looked at me confused.

“Dodo, you haven’t called Kat this week… the day after your date, after I went home?” Harry looked at me accused.

“No…” I whispered. I couldn’t look into Katia’s eyes.

“You also didn’t call Nicola, right?” He asked me.

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