Chapter 28~ Dani

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I was so relieved to tell Aiden those three special words. Once Kyle left, we went inside and watched some random TV movies, drank hot chocolate, and ate popcorn. It sounds silly, but it was like a dream. I didn't even worry about Jonah. I wasn't even thinking about him. 

I got home around 11, and everyone was already asleep. I had texted my dad to let him know that I was at Aiden's, and he was fine with that. Also, I had sent Kyle a thank you text. I head upstairs to my bedroom, and when I walk in, it feels so good. It's actually mine. On the wall, there's pictures of me and my friends, me and my family. I have my whole closet, not just a couple days worth of clothes.

Abruptly, I notice something odd. 

On my bed is a jar. It looks like a baby with its body parts taken apart, and blood everywhere. On top of the closed jar is a note

Its name was going to be Aubrey Lynn Reeds.

Suddenly, it hits me. This is Alexis's baby. A sick, cold feeling runs through my body. I pick up the jar, and hold it between my arms, cuddling it so hard as if my warmth will bring it back to life. As I lay down on my bed, I begin to sob.

"Why? Why? God, you poor thing, why would someone do this to you precious thing? Why? What kind of sick person could ever do this?" I ask myself, as I sob until I fall asleep. 


I wake up around 8 with the jar still cradled in my arms. I go and hide it in my closest, then I call Kyle and invite him over, telling him it's urgent. He said he'd be here in about half an hour, so I get dressed into a pair of white, distressed jeans and a white and black, horizontally striped t-shirt. Then, I head downstairs to get some breakfast.

I had almost forgotten, but with a strong, cheap perfume smell, I remembered that my step  mom was back.

"Ugh, the beast has arrived, what are you wearing? Trash? And did you even bother to comb your hair? It looks like a turtle laid eggs up there! And when did you get it cut so short? Before you know it she'll look like Miley Cyrus! Right, Lil?" She says.

"That is enough! I am sick of you treating my daughter like crap!" My dad yells, and my jaw drops. 

"Seriously? You're defending her?" My step mom growls. 

"Yes, she's my daughter, and if you don't stop, then just, get out," he replies. 

"Why would you pick that ugly trash over me? Me and MY beautiful daughter? Not your disgusting one!" She asks.

"I'll see you later,  just go to work, and Lillian, go to school," he answers.

"What about Danielle?" Lillian questions as she picks up her backpack. 

"She gets school off till the doctor's permission. She broke her leg, remember? Can't you see that cast on her leg? Can you see how she's barely walking without her crutches?" Dad asks. 

"Fine," Lillian runs out the door, and my step mom follows. 

"What are you going to do?" I mumble, and sit down on the chair next to him. 

"Go get some trash bags from under the sink, I'll be right back," he states, and then heads upstairs. I do as he says, and when he comes back, he is carrying an armful of my step mom's clothes. 

"I'm going to bring down all of her stuff and drop it on the floor. If you could put it into trash bags and seal them once they're full, that would be great," he says.

"Um, Kyle is going to be here soon, if that's okay," I reply.

"Sure, he can help me bring down all of their junk," he looks at me and smiles, then heads back upstairs. 

In the next ten minutes, Kyle shows up, I explain what's going on, and he begins to help my dad bring their stuff downstairs. By about 2, we have finished and have all the bags sitting in the living room. Once Lillian and my step-mom get home, my dad sits them down in the living room while Kyle and I sit in the kitchen. 

"What's in the trash bags?" Lillian asks, crossing her arms, but it seems like her mom has it all figured out. 

"Your stuff, you have five minutes to pack them up, then I want both of you gone. You will not try to contact me or my family ever again. If you do I will get a restraining order," My dad explains.

"I hated this place anyway, let's go mom," Lillian stands up and grabs a bag.

"I'll be there in a second," her mom mutters. 

"Have a great life with your ugly daughter. Don't come crying back to me when she disappoints you, trust me, she will," she adds, and then they begin to pack up the car. My dad, Kyle, and I watch as they drive off, and of course, Lillian's mom flicks off my dad.

"I'm sorry," I mumble.

"No, this should have happened a long time ago, I never should have married her, God, I remember the wedding like it was yesterday," dad replies. 

"When Lillian spilled her grandma's red wine all over my pale pink dress," I say, and we both laugh. 

"How about I make you two some dinner? We haven't eaten all day," my dad says.

"Yeah, that'd be great," I reply. He walks to the kitchen, and then Kyle and I head to my room.

"I need to show you something," I state, closing the door. 

"Uh, okay, what is it?" He questions. I walk over to the closest, and take out the jar. 

"What is that? It smells like a dead body? Oh my god, is that a dead body? Is that someone's head? Ugh, just put it away!" He yells.

"Sh!" I whisper loudly. I hand him the note.

"That's Alexis's baby," he mumbles. Suddenly, I hear the door bell ring.

"Danielle, can you get that? I'm making pasta right now," my dad yells. I run downstairs to answer the door, and I almost faint when I see who it is.



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