Cant just study

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Gumball's pov
I lead (y/n) to mine and my siblings room. And I was for certain going to study for the first time! (Y/n) is a very smart girl and I want to show her Im smart too. But.... One thing is... How can I not end up staring at her? I mean she is really pretty.... Gorgeous really. But thats not the point! She pulled her bag off her back and set it down as she looked through it. I watched her before mentally slapping myself. I drew my gaze away as I grabbed a book she had so easily tossed out. I looked at the cover it saying 'This Diary belongs to (y/n)' I smiled as I snuck the book under my blankets. A little bit of reading wont kill me. She won't even notice.

Our little study time wasn't much studying for me. I had begun staring at (y/n) every few minutes. She never seemed to notice. Or maybe she noticed and didn't mind. That's when she finally spoke. "How about we take a study break." She said as she looked up at me. I blushed lightly getting caught staring. She giggled as she tackled me in a hug. I blushed darker as I looked at her. "(Y/n) what are you doing?" I asked her as she looked up at me with a not so innocent smile. "Well someone has been staring at me for the last hour. So he must be asking for something." She growled lowly. My ears laid back as my tail snaked its way around her waist. "You caught me." I smirked. She blushed lightly leaning close to my face. Damn.... I was happy to date this wolf. She was so sweet and kind with a wild side. Maybe I will study with her more often.

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