Joan and I (Cherie Currie's point of view)

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November 1975:

''Cherie'', my sister Marie yelled. ''Yeah?'' I yelled back. ''Can I borrow that blue jacket of yours?'' I rolled my eyes. Everytime we went to the Sugar Shack, she would wear my clothes! She had so many pretty, sexy and beautiful jackets herself. And if I then asked if I could borrow something from her, then no. Of couse. ''All right!'' I yelled. ''But this is the last time!'' She came out a few minutes later with my jacket on. ''How do I look?'' she asked. ''Fine'' I said pretty cold. I looked in the mirror, to get a good view of  my own outfit. I was wearing a way to small t-shirt, probably something that could fit an 8 year old, because then, the boys would have something good to look at, I was wearing a pair of glitter jeans and huge 7 inch platform shoes. I felt ready to go. Marie and I headed straight to the front door. My mother, Marie Harmon, and her new German boyfriend, Wolfgang, were in Indonesia, where Wolfgang lived. I did my best not to think about them together. I just wanted him to get away from my mom. He hated me, I hated him. I wanted my dad back. We got into my best friend Paul's car, and drove out  in the night.

When we arrived at the Sugar Shack, it was chaos! The smell of drugs and cigarettes hung the air. Everybody was dancing, sweaty, to the beat of Suzi Quatro's song, The Wild One. I sat in my usually cornor of the little club, got a cigarette up from my purse, and lit it. Finally peace. Suddently I saw this girl, kind of Suzi Quatro looking, coming near me. She asked if the seat next to me was taking and I said no. She sat down, really close to me, and said: ''My name is Joan. Joan Jett.'' ''Hi Joan, my name is Cherie. Cherie Currie'', I answered. We quickly started talking about random stuff, Music, life, drugs, everything. We decided to snort some coke. She was already high when she sat down here, probably on quaaludes or something. I went out to get it. I had a couple of friends, who could supply me with coke, fast, easy and most important of all, cheap. 

When I got back, Joan laid out two lines of blow. We agreed, just for fun, to compete about who of us, that could snort the coke the fastest. ''One, two, three, go!'' I snorted it pretty quick, and got that delicious feeling in my body, that you get when you snort cocaine. ''I won!'' I slurred, and Joan agreed, and we decided to try again.

After a couple lines, I was very high. Everything became all blurry and out of control. Joan kept laughing as she dragged me out to the bathroom. 

In the bathroom, we laughed a lot, but suddently, she became all quiet. I turned to her, as she came closer to me. She laid me down on the floor, and kissed me. Not one those kiss you give to your grandmother, no a real kiss. I kissed back. She had very soft lips. I got up, and pushed her against the wall. She pulled my t-shirt up, and had her hands all over my body. I laid her down on the dirty floor, and unzipped her pants. She pulled my shirt off, and took my pants off.

The next thing I remember was me with Joan by my side, laying naked, on the dirty bathroom floor of the Sugar Shack.

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