Chapter 2

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We don't say anything else, just holding each other. It feels like it's a dream and if it's really a dream, i wish i could never wake up.
"Come in" i say finally.
We are sitting on the couch in the living room. i stare at his calm eyes, blond hair, strong body and i feel safe.I smile, for the first time since i was in here, in 12, alone.
"How have you been, Katniss?" his voice is so warm...
"I feel horrible, Peeta, i am so alone and i can't stop blaming myself for everyth..." i can't finish the sentence, tears start streaming down my face and i want to feel him again. It's like he is reading my thoughts, because he opens his arms and pull me closer, i am melting on his chest, i feel his beating heart and it calmes me. He is stroking my hair with his fingers and i feel relieved.
"It's okay Katniss, it's okay... i know how you feel, i know i should came here sooner, but i was not stable and i could hurt you again. Sorry it took me so long to get back to my real self."
"Don't be sorry Peeta, it's not your fault... I missed you so much, Peeta."
"I missed you too, Katniss, i knew, if i did not come here, i'd never be happy again and i'd never firgive myself for leaving you here."
Suddenly, the front door swings open and i see Haymitch coming in, causing our conversation to stop.
"Hello, sweetheart" he says and i can feel the smell of alcohol from him "Oh, the baker boy is here too"
"Hello Haymitch" Peeta greets him.
"Looks like you two are busy right now, i better go and have another drink, see you later"
Before i could respond, he left.
"Would you like some drink?" i ask Peeta, because if i won't drink something now, i may die because of my dry mouth.
"Just water" he answers.
I go to the kitchen and pour two glasses of water, but i don't go back. i am leaning to the counter and think how hopeless and desperate i was this morning, and now, i am happy and relieved and hopeful. He brought me back to life.

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