Save Me (KAISOO)

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Jongin X Kyungsoo
*WARNING* contains violence , emotionalwreck!soo

"Haha look our little Kyungie , always willing to cry!!"
Kyungsoo feels his inner self loading up with flames whenever he hears that stupid laugh of his. He feels the weakness in his knees who are not going to hold him anymore when he stands up. He feels how numb his hands dig into the cold floor , too shaking to let him lift his petite body. Lastly he feels the bitter taste of blood drooling out of his swollen lips mixed with his salty tears. Slowly , because he has no other choice to do any different , he raises his heavy chest out of his state as he turns his ruined face towards him.
"Ohh , little Kyungie doesn't have enough?!", his voice halls aloud before he kicks his giant foot right into Kyungsoo's stomach again , causing the smaller to gag on his blood. The whole crowd cheers aloud with laughter and loud chants but Kyungsoo can't hear them anymore. He doesn't want to hear them anymore.
He doesn't want any of his senses to work again , instead he prays his whole body to turn off so he would never have to stand back up again.
Kyungsoo isn't even more surprised of the bullies' grip upon his chin , making him feel the one's saliva dripping down as he talks. It doesn't disgust him a single bit , he has been too disgusted by himself for too long.
"What shall we do about your oh-so-beautiful face?", Joowon laughs aloud.
" BURN ! BURN ! BURN ! " , the others chant causing Kyungsoo to look at the pocket lighter in Joowons other hand.
"Do it then",he claims in a husky voice even though its barely noticeable. "What?!",Joowon presses the weaker's lips against his ear. "DO IT! KILL ME! MAKE ME DIE! BURN ME DOWN INTO FLAMES , DROWN ME WITH WATER DO ANYTHING BUT LET ME DIE!"
This time loud enough to be heard by everyone in schoolyard.
Just when Joowon was about to wake up from his shock stare , the principal strikes in. "Stop right here!", he screams and right then Kyungsoo is being free of the other's hold , head falling painfully back on the floor.
It's always the same.
Do Kyungsoo wakes up , goes to school , hides at a lonely place , gets found , is beaten up by Joowon , ends up bloody in the school hospital. Neither he or his mother can do something about it. They don't have money , Kyungsoo doesn't have good grades to leave school. He doesn't tell anyone what happens during break. Not his mom , not even his teachers. Even if he did his mother wouldn't pay any attention , he could bet. Only his wounds tell his story , a story he doesn't want anyone to let know of.
Not before he has met this guy.
This tall , well-built boy with his tanned skin , and perfect guts in every inch of his body. His eyes who have widen in worries and his pretty thick lips opened in shock when he found Kyungsoo on the school hall.
"What happend to you?", even his voice calls out pure sweetness. It makes Kyungsoo's heart beat in a fast pace , pounding against his chest like crazy. Lately , the other's simple touch of his arm around his own narrow shoulder takes his breath away. Kyungsoo doesn't dare to face him again somehow afraid of looking into his eyes.
"Well...I am sorry I haven't introduced myself. ",he chuckles awkwardly.
"I am Kim Jongin"
Jongin ... Kyungsoo savors his name.
But he still doesn't move.
"I am the new exchange student",the other mumbles , wondering if Kyungsoo even listens. But there's something in Jongins mind telling him he should stay with him.. maybe it was just his pure innocent face that lead him to do so.
"Stay away from me Kim Jongin", he sighs aloud while struggling to stand up with his pain. "Are you crazy?! You're hurt! Wait until they're gonna come to look after you"
Jongin doesn't know how brave he had become to let these words slip out of his mouth this fast.
But Kyungsoo doesn't even bother to listen , instead he strumbles into the right curve as the ring bells.
Weird , Jongin thinks and he doesn't even know the said boy's name.
It turns out that the new student will be a part of the class Kyungsoo's in. And the moment Jongin steps in , everyone shuts their mouths in silence as if they were even holding their breaths when they eyed the tall boy (taller than Joowon) with his hair underneath his cap , tight jeans and a basic white shirt which hangs a little too big onto him.
Even the boy in the last row , called Do Kyungsoo , couldn't help but admit how much of a bad boy he looks like. Then a small smile tugs on his lips when he remembers how Jongin tried to help him with such a respectful additute.
Too bad he'll regret it tomorrow or at least a week later after he's done watching him being bullied like the others. And those words erase his smile instantly ;
like the others. Jongin will be just like the others.
Kyungsoo could sense the impressed guys schoolmates eyeing the New , the girls aready hungry to be his girlfriend maybe. And this is exactly the opposite of what had happend when Kyungsoo got introduced to class. But how could he blame Jongin? He is the exact opposite of him afterall.
As the teacher announces him as the new student as if everyone's waiting for an acknowledgment , Kim Jongin bows deep in front of all.
"Hello , I am Kim Jongin , coming from Seoul , please take care of me"
Everyone claps loudly as half of them whisper something to their seatpartner before Seongsaenim interrups them by talking to Jongin. "So there are many empty seats , choose one"
Kyungsoo could bet every single student in this room who already had someone beside them could've murdered to get space for him. He watches Jongin scan the crowd until those eyes lock with his own. Kyungsoo knows now why he haven't looked into his eyes before..
they were so irritating to him , he might feel flustered by it's gaze. He catches himself staring a little bit too long , falling a little bit too deep , when a smirk crawls up the other's lips. "I want to sit next to him" , Jongin reaches out to point right to his direction. No , Kyungsoo thinks , he must've seen wrong.
Actually he realizes when every pair of eyes give him attention , exchanging looks between Jongin and Kyungsoo in disbelief. Even Kyungsoo's eyes widen as if his eyes could get larger than they actually are. Kim Jongin lets his backside plump onto the chair beside his new seatmate without leaving the teacher's eyes as if he is really listening to math related stuff. Kyungsoo shifts in his seat at the sudden warmness of someone next to him. His hands begin to shake at the thought of someone sitting like this everyday from now on and they crawl up his mouth to bite his nails - his habit everyone feels disgusted of. Yes , these symptoms of reaction aren't anything to expect for Jongin but he feels that somethings wrong with Kyungsoo. As the teacher starts taking out his books to begin the lesson for today , everyone follows him to do so except for the two in the back.
Kyungsoo feels a pair of eyes watching him , digging into his side , which makes him take his fingers out of this state not wanting scare the other of his behavior. Suddenly , he feels a soft grip upon his trembling hands. Jongin hovers his palm right over his and lets his fingertips brush against Kyungsoos skin. The touch makes Kyungsoo feel heated until his cheek blush pink without noticing. Instead he stares right down on his hands being stroked by Jongins thumb.
His breath hitches before he calms down a bit , at least enough to stop his body from shaking and his reflexes reach out to meet Jongins hold , to grip onto him. Kyungsoo closes his eyelids as he feels how tears built up inside of him , not being used to anybody carress him like that. So lovingly and caring. Something he has never felt before... to hold hands.
And he could smack himself for the single teardrop drooling down his right cheek. But it's okay for Jongin. And it's more than okay for him to wip his watery tear away. Just then Kyungsoo leans in to the touch , facing Jongin so close for the first time , making him ask himself if he's even real ? Does he have a heart ? Does he have a breath? Is he even human?
Right then Kim Jongin shots him a soft smile and if Kyungsoo could read his mind it would've been said :"It's Okay"
The bell rings to announce lunch time. As always all pupils storm out of the room , hooking up with their friends and get ready for food. But for Kyungsoo , he waits patiently until he is the last one to leave , sitting in the corner of the cafeteria. Do Kyungsoo stays like this until the end of the break if the others aren't bothering him. Most of the time he looks longingly on the filled lunchboxes the students take out of their bags , how they throw it in the trash if they don't want it. Kyungsoo stares at the garbage with an empty tummy since his mother doesn't make him food to school , she sleeps all day. His money isn't enough to buy a single crossaint , he isn't allowed to take any from home. Sometimes the lady behind the counter gives him a small piece of a sandwitch which he is even grateful for. But now he isn't prepared to have his whole day changed. And all because of that guy.
When Kyungsoo watches Jongin leave the classroom , he sighs in relief and makes his way to the hall.
"Let's go together"
Kyungsoo shrieks in surprise when a deep voice suddenly appeared behind him and it sounded more like a demand than a request. Jongin leans against the wall next to the door heading to the class as he walks pass Kyungsoo expecting him to go along. But the smaller doesn't . He'd rather stay on this spot until the teacher finds him than going with him. Jongin stops at his pace , turning around to face the stubborn and the way he clacks with his tongue makes Kyungsoo feel even more uncomfortable. Just right then he's being pulled and strumbles a few steps forward. Jongin's too strong so that Kyungsoo can't free his wrist of his grip.
"Why don't you leave me alone?!"
Jongin continues dragging him along,not allowing Kyungsoo to defend himself ;"Because that's exactly what everyone else did."
It feels like all eyes are on the two the moment they walk in , Jongins hand wrapped tightly around Kyungsoos wrist. Do Kyungsoo curses to himself , this wouldn't have happened if he had come alone so no one would have cared. He feels embarressment building up inside him up to his blushing cheeks and without noticing he pushes his narrow body right against Jongins broad back.
"Sit down , I'll get us some food" , Jongin claims , letting go of Kyungsoos sweaty skin as he disappears in the line.
Kyungsoo picks the last row at the back of the refectory , far away from everyone. His eyes search for Jongin who buys two tablets steady for them before there is a druck down his shoulder. Kyungsoo raises his head only to face JooWon.
"Well , Kyungie did you want to hide?" , his cheesy voice halls across the whole area and hardly are his spoken all attention is leaded towards them. Included Jongins.
But Kyungsoo doesn't see him when Joowon pulls the smaller up by the hem of his uniform , making him stand up from his seat. "What will you eat today? Nothing?",Joowons grin crawls up his face.
Kyungsoo looks away as always and acts like it doesn't bother him. Actually it doesn't anymore since he is immun from his bashing words he had been throwing at him for the past years. "So you don't want to answer huh?", Joowon chuckles in disbelief , carressing Kyungsoos back.
"You're lucky I have a big heart and would like to treat you lunch"
Kyungsoo could hear the other's gasps and whispers loud enough to guess how surprised they were but himself wasn't impressed at all. Before he could've look into Joowons eyes , the thick liquid slides downwards his hair , over his face and down his neat clothes. "Oops",Joowon fakes with the milk bottle still in his hand. Kyungsoo doesn't move a single bit , he's actually wondering more about how to get those stains out of his uniform or what he should tell his mother who is definitely going to shout at him for this. Without hesitation of the bully , he has got another bottle in his hand above Kyungsoo's head. But it wasn't as harmless as milk - it was fish souce. Fish souce for asian food is now poured down on the creature called Kyungsoo. The disgusting smell rips everyone in loud noises with a mixture of laughter. Kyungsoo clenches his fingers into a fist , letting his tears roll down his dirty cheeks. This time he sobs so loudly it drowns the voices of everyone , even JooWons.
"Oh don't cry Kyungie , you'll get something to eat too when-"
But he couldn't finish his speech when a shout dwarfs his sentece and everyones mouth close shut.
Kyungsoo wipes away the souce of his eyes only to see Jongin pushing Joowon against the table behind him who sinks his back into the lumber fabric in fear. Kim Jongin shatters his fist down the table , trapping Joowon inbetween his muscular arms. "J-J-Jongin I didn't meant to-"
But Jongin grabs the crying wrack benath him by it's collar , pulling him up to face his eager eyes. "If . I see ever your hands laying on Kyungsoo again. I'll chop them off"
Jongin pushes Joowons body back to the table earning a loud whine from the said boy.
"If you ever lay your eyes on Kyungsoo , I'll make you blind. And if you ever fucking think about hurting him again , Be sure we're gonna talk to eachother again" , these were Jongins last words Kyungsoo could hear before storming out of the cafeteria. As expected the teacherd only follow after everything has ended. Do Kyungsoo eyes his reflection in the mirror.
Hair felted , clothes totally ruined , the smell not bearable , his eyes reddend and burning from tears. He's a total mess. He turns the sink on , letting the cold water drip down his hair to his face. How worse would it be if Jongin wasn't there?
How would have his life taken it's way if Jongin wouldn't exist?
Suddenly he feels a warmess around his wet back. "Here..."
Jongin hovers the towel over the smaller before Kyungsoo turns around with watery eyes. It stays silent for a couple of minutes and even if no word is spoken , no sound is needed because nothing can ever explain how grateful Kyungsoo is. So he hugs him.
He presses his chest right against Jongin's , wraps his arms around the taller's waist and burries his face even deeper into the others shirt.
Jongin doesn't know what to do neither how to react when Kyungsoo mutters 'Thank You , Thank You , Thank You'
So he hugs him tighter.
The moment Kyungsoo feels a sudden warmness around his back , he looks up with half parted eyes. "...What now?"
Jongin puts his hands back into his pockets awkwardly before chuckling lightly. "We're gonna get that disgusting thing out of your clothes. My mother will help you"
Jongin reaches out his hand...
and Kyungsoo takes it.
Since Kim Jongin officialy got his uniform , JooWok didn't dare to look after Kyungsoo once. Since Kyungsoo visits the Kim's house almost everyday regulary , he gets distracted of seeing his mother. And since they both got close ...
they started to feel somehow different towards eachother.
Even if they confess or stay silent about it , Kyungsoo is happy and always save around Jongin.

THE END! Sorry it took me so long. Joowon is a name I picked randomly so it means nothing serious. Hopefully you liked it because I NEEDED SOME KAISOO. - Any ideas for the next couple??

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