7 Minutes to Heaven (SEBAEK)

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*WARNING this fic is hella old and cringy now to me kill me

"Heyyyo bro you came!" , Chanyeols voice cheers from afar and pulls the said boy into his embrace. Baekhyun could tell by the smell that he has drunk some but everyone knew how good Chanyeol could handle Alcohol. By 'everybody' it means all the guests at his party since his parents have gone on vacation without their son. And if Baekhyuns best friend wants to celebrate , he just can't miss it , even if he barely knows half of the people who'd like to come over.
Just when Baekhyun's in the middle of a conversation with Chanyeol , his gaze flies over the crowd but lock with the tall figures eyes. No it can't be him. "Dude , is that Oh Sehun?" he interrups Chanyeol by punching lightly his chest causing him to fake a whine. "Yessss , he's coolll",he slurrs then. "I can't believe you invited him", Baekhyun rolls his eyes. Yes he can't stand that brat of their school called Sehun who could let everyone fall for him easily , girls and even boys. And yet Baekhyun admits that he is goodlooking with his broad shoulders , small plump lips , milky white skin and oh so soft hair cut in bangs hiding his forehead. But after all he's a douchebag whenever he's around other people , especially Baekhyun. He acts cold , his lips barely show off a smile and always running against the smaller on the hall as if he didn't exist. Baekhyun decided to ignore him instead but how if he's always the topic of everyone's mouth? And now even Chanyeols.
"Yaaaa don't cry , I invited Taeyeon Noona for you",Chanyeol snaps Baeks head. He should really think about stop making friends with giants. But yeah , Taeyeon was something Baekhyun could work with since he'd always had a minor crush on her. Nothing serious but still.
~ The night overflows with loud music, lights and smoke. Right then when everyone was drunk enough to have some fun , (Baekhyun doesn't drink) , they decided to play games.
Actually Baekhyun liked these things , playing around with laughter and stupid people but this time was different , this time Sehun joins them.
That's the reason why he didn't appeared on the paper kissing game or truth-or-dare. But when Taeyeon begs him to join the circle for 7minute to heaven , he couldn't say no.
After former rounds he gets himself to forget about Sehun and can't contain his laughter when Tao has to go with the most disgusting girl in one cabin and Chanyeol with Chen. Oh how much he would regret drinking so much tomorrow.
Just in case you don't know , 7 minutes to heaven is a kiss game. First you spin the bottle and the one who gets choosen by it has to go with the boy or girl who spinned the bottle. They both aren't allowed to bring their mobiles along with them when they go into a small cabin ( which ends up being Chanyeols store-room ) , in the dark. They would have been so close to eachother that they'd have to kiss , not knowing when the 7minutes are over the door will be opened by the others. Well at least they caught Jongin kissing Kyungsoo.
Now it was Taeyeons turn but for Baekhyuns luck it had to point at BamBam , her fanboy. Just then when Baekhyun is too pissed off to watch them , Chanyeol forces him to spin the bottle. He hestitates for a moment , eyeing the people around him with actual pretty girls in there.
But the bottle has other plans and lands right...
on Sehuns direction.
Damnit it couldn't be better.
"No way",Baekhyun shakes his head , not willing to go with that asshole. Neither Sehun agrees to go but the crowd pushes them in one room. And hell it is so small that Baekhyun can't help it but let his body press against the taller. At least he can move his arms not to touch him. But that doesn't help him either when Sehuns face dissappears in front of him in the dark. Note to Baekhyun himself : Never ever join Chanyeols parties again.
For a short time both stay silent , none of them moving an inch. "What now?", Sehun sighs. Maybe it is the first time Baekhyun has heard the others deep voice so near , just the thought makes him shiver.
"Don't know.Do you expect me to like it?", Baekhyun frowns in a sacastic tone. Hell he should have be here with Taeyeon not with a guy! And it's Sehun! Well she hasn't seem to care anyway when she came out with BamBam with a smile on her face.
Sehun chuckled at his comment. Wait since when does Sehun make laugh sounds. "Oh I didn't expect anything" Baekhyun swears he could feel the other smirking. "I didn't expect your heart to beat that fast either", Sehun mouths in front of him but Baekhyun can't concentrate when the youngers breath comes in contact with his skin.
When he realizes what Sehun just has said he throws his head back the wall behind him. "I just want those 7minutes to end so I won't have to be with you anymore. Maybe my heart got excited for that"
But Sehun doesn't answer. Instead he traps Baekhyun inbetween his strong arms on each side of his head.
Baekhyun can sense how the other creeps closer and his body reacts faster than anything else and places both hands against Sehuns wide chest , ready to push him away but there is no space to do so.
"Fast reflexes I see",Sehuns husky voice reaches Baekhyuns ear now.
Oh my god.
Baekhyun doesn't know why he closed his eyes the moment Sehuns lips only touched his ear but himself doesn't even know how why he titles his head to the left to meet the other's touch. Sehun chuckles again and it tickles Baekhyuns neck.
"Do you like that?" , Sehuns voice comes out like a whisper but Baekhyun has already forgot about the loud music next door. All he can think about is Sehun , Sehun and Sehun. And he was so sure that he didn't drink. Slowly his hands lose their grip upon the tallers shirt and begin to move to his shoulders instead. It's like Baekhyuns body is being controlled or something that's the only way he can explain why he enjoys the butterfly kisses on his neck so much. He wants Sehun even closer , he's eager for his touch without even thinking about it. His mind is totally blank.
"I asked if you liked it",hisses Sehun , this time louder. "Mh.. Yes",Baekhyun breathes out when he feels Sehuns nose grazing his cheek.
"Good boy", Sehun smirks as he can feel Baekhyuns fingertips digging into his back. The elder arches his lips towards where he thinks Sehun is and his voice changes into a deeper tone now :"Please"
Sehun isn't sure when the time is up causing him to give in Baekhyuns plea.
Without any hesitation he presses his lips upon Baekhyuns , earning a surprised mewl from the said boy. Sehun moves his mouth deeper and deeper , wanting to feel every part of Baekhyuns lips , wanting to taste every inch of his flavor. Baekhyun fiddles with Sehuns hair as he bucks his head in responds , meeting Sehuns movements in a faster rythym. Sehun can't control himself anymore and pulls away for a short time just to smash his lips harder against Baekhyuns , causing the other's head to hit the wall once again. Sehuns hands travel downwards , grabbing Baeks hips and pressing them against the wall to stop them backing up. Baekhyun swallows a moan and their lips part for a moment when he grabs Sehuns hair forefully. Sehun takes the chance to slip his tongue in causing the other to gasp in surprise but instantly giving in. They play around like this for a while before Sehun explores the others cavern.
Baekhyun doesn't want to stop neither wants Sehun to end this hot making out session but when he hears footsteps coming closer he pulls away by pushing Baekhyun by his collar. And yet the 7 minutes felt like only 7 seconds has passed.
The light darts in the room as the door opens. They could hear the others dissapointed sighs , like they thought nothing happend.
Both boys come out , Sehun right following Baekhyun from behind but still staring at him. Suddenly they don't want to continue playing the game anymore and Baekhyun freezes at the spot he's standing.
Right then he could see Sehun wiping his lips shamelessly with his thumb and whispering to his ear :"See you tomorrow" before disappearing into the crowd. Baekhyun decides quickly to go home , not being able to say goodbye to Chanyeol.
Eyeing himself in the bathroom mirror he touches his lips again. But then something else catches his attention.
A big hickey on his neck.

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