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I shake my head once again as my breathing picks up pace.

He continues to stalk me till my body presses against the wall behind me.

"Please." I whimper sadly as tears skate down my eyes.

I can only just merely see the silhouette of him. But his scent was always strong.

"Ssshh." He coos quietly. "Don't cry, pet."

I close my eyes as his hands brush against my cheek.

"I love the taste of your sadness." He whispers.

"Please. I'll be good!" I plead.

He snorts and shakes his head. That same wicked time is quick and sharp.

"Bullshit! You said that last time and what did you do?! You still didn't listen." Zayn scowls.

I sink to the floor and shake violently as he crouches down to my level.


"What are you begging for, pet? Eh?" Zayn says. "What?"

His hand curls around my wrist and I tense as he pulls me off the ground to drag me towards the bed.

The darkness suddenly succumbs me as he flicks the wasteful light and my breathing hitches in my throat as I see nothing but the darkness.

"No! No please!" I grip into his arm as fear pulses through me.

He pushes me off him and grips onto my hair this time. I squeal in shock.

"Don't touch me." He says wickedly before roughly placing me face down on the bed, revealing my bare behind.

I squeeze my eyes closed and hold my breathe as I feel the blow-

"Hey, excuse me ma'am!"

I frown and shift to comfort myself further into ignoring her and my nightmare.


I sigh annoyed and open my eyes to see her.

"Yes?" I blink and rub my eyes tiredly.

"I'm afraid your flight has been delayed."

My eyes widen at her, "It can't be!"

"I'm sorry ma'am. The weather forecast is far too torrential. 10:30 is the next flight."

"In the morning?!" I widen my gaze at her.

She nods apologetically as I squeeze my eyes closed.

"I'm very sorry Miss Wall." She says sadly, her thick Arabian accent purrs through her english.

I sigh quietly and nod as I stand to collect my luggage for the second time today. "My hotel better be paid for!" I scowl suddenly.

She flinches and nods briskly. "Of course."

I pierce my lips together and sigh as I calm myself down. "Okay."

"Again we are so sorry for the delay. . . again." She hands me an envelope and smiles genuinely.

"It's fine." I mumble dispiritedly.

Zipping my jacket up, I hook my bag over my shoulder and make my way out towards the exit of the airport and towards the taxi area with my patience of today completely gone.

I throw my hand up as I see one driving passed. He slows down and parks against the curb.

I look down at the envelope after getting in and sigh to myself.

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