51. Between the sheets*

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51. Between the sheets

Harry POV

I chuckled lowly as she sounded stern and folded her arms over her chest. I bit my lip as she stood her grounds. I peeled off my zip up hoodie, her eyes widened with amusement as it dropped to the floor.

"Your turn." I folded my arms. She cocked her brows and then gave me a cheeky smirk. She shrugged bending over and peeling off her socks.

"Your turn." She flung them at me. I shook my head pissed that I hadn't thought of that.

I reached for my pants and fiddled with the belt buckle dropping the belt to the floor. "Your turn."

She smiled widely and took off her bra causing my eyes to linger her bodies curves. I walked towards her pushing her backwards on the bed she giggled before speaking: "check mate." She pulled me down towards her by the nape of my neck and pressed her lips to mine. She moved slowly and passionately which always kept me wanting more. She was so fragile to me and I wanted to make her enjoy this.

She looked at my body then trailed her fingers down my front. My breath hitched as her cold fingers dragged along my warm skin. She looked back at my eyes and I could see something she was trying to hide.

"Rose." I said slowly as she licked her lips.

"What?" She whispered back.

"If you're not ready-"

"I'm ready." She persisted.

"No, you're not." I stated.

"Harry, I've wanted to do this for a long time and now when it's all happening you don't want too." She huffed back at me. My heart fluttered at her thinking about us despite her not wanting too.

"Just tell me if we need to stop." I pressure. She nodded as I dropped my hands to the floor. I brought my hands down to her hips, tugging on the skin, hugging black fabric, and yanking it down her legs. I kissed her inner thighs as she gasped loudly clamping her legs on either side of my head. I chuckled prying her legs open, and looking at her. I shook my head, smirking, as she grabbed my hand yanking me flat against her body. She put her hands through my curls, and fisted them, before pulling my face to her neck. I sucked her neck as she giggled as my curls tickled her cheeks. I grinned against her warm skin. She traced the muscles in my arm her soft touch making me weak.

"Rose," I muttered. "I love you."

"I love you too." She agreed.

I smiled going on all fours above her. My eyes traveled her front, and my gazed stopped at her piercing. I brought my hand up to if and flicked the bit of metal. She slapped my hand.

"Be nice." She pressured.

Despite the heated situation we are in, she seemed to still be just as bubbly. For some reason, I didn't mind. I usually like a girl who's aggressive, and lets me take control, but I don't mind these little games, and spoken words.

"You're perfect." I picked her up as she wrapped her legs around my waist, and our chests were pressed together. She was so cold. I brought us to the kitchen, and set her down on the island in the middle of the kitchen. I laid her down on her back as she gazed at me. I dropped my pants down, and brought myself up onto the top. I hovered on my knees above her as she smirked at me. I leaned down, and kissed her passionately.

"Is this your fantasy?" She asked between kisses. I laughed to myself pulling away, and looking at her playful grin.

"Anything with you, naked or fully clothed, is my fantasy." I admire. She rolled her eyes smiling.

"So, regardless, you don't mind us going at it on our table, where we eat?" She asked puzzling as her fingers ran up and down my arms.

"No, do you?"

"I guess not." She giggled pulling me down to kiss her again. I dragged my hand down her front and held onto her hip. Her skin was so soft under my rough hands.

Lost in lust we began to just go for it. As passionate as it was it didn't go anywhere. Just kissing her was enough for me. As much as I wouldn't mind it, I don't need too.

She brought her hands to the band of my boxers, and began to tug. I ignored it, but she was getting antsy. I got on my knees, and peered down at her. Her eyes were wide at my quick movement. She watched me as I slowly brought my hand to the rim and was about to pull them down when-

"Harry? Is anyone home?" my mum...

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