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Pen Your Pride

Wake Up Call - Louis Tomlinson Imagine : Sweet

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You love your job, as the popular-boyband-called-OneDirection’s personal assistant. Your job is to manage the boys, their schedules, safety. You and the whole crew were staying in a fancy hotel in Paris. You had to get up early this morning, because the lads had a flight to L.A  at 9.a.m. First you took care about all the schedules, then you knocked into Harry’s & Zayn’s room, “Rise and shine, guys!!” you opened the curtain. “Arghh, [Y/N] do we have to get up now?” Harry said, clearly, he was tired. Zayn’s still in his bed, not moving. “Come on you two!!” you yelled playfully. “Alright, alright, [Y/N], but there’s one condition,” Harry said. “And what is that?” you asked. “I get to kiss you on the cheek,” “Oh pleaseee stop teasing me,” you blushed. The boys love to tease you cause they think it was fun. :) Then you grabbed a pillow and hit them, “Wakey wakey! Or the manager would come.” then you left them, laughing. You gave up, then you entered Niall’s and Liam’s bedroom. “Hey„ wake up- Oh great,” you found Liam already started packing. While Niall’s playing his ipad. “Hey guys, breakfast’s waiting, and you gotta be ready in-” “Relax, [Y/N]” Niall said but his eyes didn’t even move from the ipad screen. “Right. Relax. But you know what, Niall? They’re serving Chocolate-Strawberry waffle for breakfast, ahha!” then you ran out of their room while Niall yelling “WHAT??!!! I WANT IT ALL!” Then you entered the last room, Louis’ room. You’ve always had a crush on Lou. He slept alone last night. “Heyy Louis! Wake upp!” you shaked his arms. You realized that he wasn’t moving. “Oh my god,” you whispered in panic. You put your finger just under his nose, he’s not breathing. Then suddenly a pair of strong arms pulled your waist. So, now you’re on his body. “Gotcha!” Louis smiled playfully. “LOU! YOU SCARED ME TO DEATH!” you tried to get off him, didn’t want anyone to see. But he was VERY strong that you finally gave up. “I’m not letting you go,” then he laughed, still gripping your waist, then he started to tickle you. “Okayyyy what do you wantt?” you asked him between laughter. “I want to be your boyfriend„” he said. You could feel that you’re blushing, “Please, Louu stop teasing me :(” you said to him. “No, I’m serious,” then he sat on the bed. You sat beside him. “Seriously, I’ve been in love with you since.. the first time we met,” he gazed into your eyes. You looked back at his eyes, you’re lost in his beautiful eyes. You were frozen, you couldn’t say a word. “I.. I..” you finally managed to say something. Then he suddenly leaned into you, he kissed you softly. His hands touching your hair softly, you moved your hands behind his neck. But suddenly, something disturbed your intense kiss.  “WHOOOOOOO!! LOUIS’ AND [Y/N] ARE SOO HOTTT! KEEP DOIN THAT, MAN!” the boys yelled. You pulled out and you found them by the door. “Hey [y/n] we’re ready, let’s have breakfast,” Niall said. “So is that a yes?” Louis asked you. “Definitely,” you smiled back to him, you walked towards the door, then you looked back, “Hey, go take a shower, um … babe?” He laughed his ass off, “Yeah right, babe. I’ll catch up with you,”

And that .. was the best day of your life :)

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