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You stay up all night watching an anime or watch an anime all day long and just eat(most otaku dreams for the rest of their life is eat, sleep, and watch anime)

When you try to talk to someone who knows nothing about anime. The hardest communication between people is an otaku and a popular person (like a stuck up rich kid)

For some people when you develop your first anime crush it's always:

out of nowhere

weird(you even want to dream about them)

your in denial

you don't want to admit it to any one

can't get that character off your mind

and you search them up on google (sometimes like a stalker) or look at their wikia up

Most things that make an otaku heaven on earth would be Japan,Funimation,fan fictions, junk food,manga, and any device you watch a anime you like

You don't want to leave your room when you first start watching an anime you like

You make an oc that you wish was on the anime

You wish you were in the anime world

The addiction starts

You sing theme songs out of nowhere

Finally one of the worst thing a person can call it is a Cartoon. (it pisses people off a lot)

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