Chapter 27

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Avery POV:

I wake up very hungover. The light seeping from the blinds is way too bright and sitting up is going to be quite a challenge.

Last nights events sucker punch me in the face and my head is pulsing. Bad choices were made last night. I pull off the sheet so I can go the bathroom and wash my face which is probably smudged with makeup considering I didn't wash it off last night.

As soon as the covers are gone I'm freezing, I look down and I gasp. Where the fuck are my clothes and how did I get in this school girl outfit?!?

I'm panicking and my mind is in a whirlwind I don't get what's happening.

I slip out of bed and immediately step on someone. Oh fucking god how shit faced did I get?!

I slowly stand up and lean down to see who the hell is sleeping on my floor. I crouch down next to him and move his hair out of his face.


"Brett what are you doing here!" I whisper yell as I shove him to wake him up.

"Hey princess, looking sexy as ever." His voice deep and raspy, if I weren't so furious at him it would have been swoon worthy.

"You really wanna say that, right now..." I chastise angrily.

"Okay bad choice of words but-" he attempts to say before I realize he's still checking me out. I'm so furious.

"Yeah! You think? No, you know Brett I knew you were on your Barbie burn or whatever and I knew you tried to pull shit with Vi but this." I look down at what I'm wearing and shudder at the thought of all the stupid things he probably got me to do last night. "This is a new low, even for you."

"Avery what are you talking about?" He asks as he leans up propping himself up on one arm while wiping the sleep out of his eyes with the other. "I think there's been a misunderstanding, see I was just-"

"No Brett see that's the thing I don't care about your stupid excuses." He tries to open his mouth again but I cut him off. "And to think I thought we could be friends again." I chuckle bitterly turning away, I can't even stand to look at him anymore.

"Ave, hear me out I'm not the bad guy here!" He begs, I hear his footsteps get closer and my body tenses. The thought that I'm still barely clothed comes to the forefront of my mind and i grab a robe off my door hanger and wrap myself in it. I don't want that pervert getting another look at me.

"Let me explain" he takes my shoulder and tries to turn me toward him but I violently shrug him off.

"Get.Out." I berate and sharply point to the door.

"Avery, give me a damn chance to you what happened!" He huffs

"Get the fuck out of my house. I Never. Want to see you again." I spit venomously as I stomp into the bathroom and slam the door.

I hear him sigh painfully through the door and moments later I hear the front door close.

What an ass wipe.

Brett's POV:

Why the fuck did I stay there! Of course she'd think I tried to pull shit! She wakes up in bed half naked with the schools biggest asshole sleeping on her floor. God I'm an idiot.

I internally chastised myself as I walked home.

I walk in my front door and the boys are all reclined in my living room playing COD on my tv and eating a bowl of Doritos.

"Hi darling, you're friends came over so I just let them in, I'm going to run an errand please don't burn down the house!" My mom calls out as she speeds past me and out the door.

"Hey guys." I greet confused as to why they're at my house at- I turn to check the clock because it's too early to even think- 8:21 in the morning.

"Hey!!!" Half of them call as the drag me down into the couch and shove a bowl of chips in my lap.

"You bitch! You can't just shoot a man while he's reloading that's just low!" I scream at Owen since I am officially dead.

He laughs and his character continues to run until he gets blown up from a grenade.

"So what happened last nigh man?" Parker asked as he grabs a chip from the bowl.

"Why'd you fight Avery boyfriend? Dude. I've seen the way you look at her." Reese points out and sets his controller down on the coffee table. I shove all that Avery drama to the back of my mind right now.

"I don't look at her any different then I do any other girls." I say harshly trying to hide the defensive tone in my voice.

"Than why?" Owen asks raising his eyebrows at me expectantly.

"Because Jase is a douchebag." I answer because it is true and they all laugh because they know it.

"That's very true my friend." Reese says taking a sip of soda.

"Can we just not talk about this and play?" I ask hiding the jealous tone in my voice, I don't even know why I'm jealous of Jase getting to her first, but I am. Just talking about him makes me upset.

"Let's get back to it." Parker suggests and we all nod in agreement.

"So first one to die in game gets more drinks." Owen raises his can and we all join in a cheesy cheers.


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