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My Dream - A Justin Bieber Fanfiction

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"Mum, seriously? Canada? Most families just move towns or something, but Canada?!" I was glaring at her, I honestly couldn't believe it, Canada? What? I live in England! She turned around from emptying the washing machine and looked at me, with a sympathetic look. "Abby look, it'll be a new start? I mean.. we havent had the best of luck here have we? So lets just give it a go?"

What was she saying? 'give it a go' what?! Its not as if im sitting a maths test, or learning to ride a bike, its moving half way across the world! Shes losing it. I let out a deep sigh, and I thought of the divorce between her and my dad, maybe she wanted to get far away.. But i'd be leaving my friends, Blythe, Kate and Susan..and my best friend Hannah who ive known since I was three.. Urgh, why cant life be simple?

Turns out shes bought the house, booked the flights, and started packing already..I wondered why there was a few boxes about but I let it go. We were moving in four it was time to start making a move. I made my way upstairs and looked at the time, 2:34. I phoned my friends and told them the news, better than a text, Blythe started crying, I got really upset but I tried not to cry and think of the new start, i'd come and visit I told them, I had to work this out and accept its for the best. I ripped out my wardrobe and sorted out all my draws, I packed everything up and helped mum sort the house out. at least its sunny right? Manchester is the least sunniest place after Antartica. It took 3 days to get everything ready, but finally we were done. I picked out an outfit, since it was May, I went for a summer dress, paired with my brown boots. I sat at my dressing table and brushed my hair. My hair was very long and full of curls and waves, it was a chesnut/ brown colour. I loved leaving my hair natural, less effort and it stayed easier. I put some liquid eyeliner on and mascara,my eyes were a very dark brown colour, nearly black, they seemed to glitter alot due to the light reflecting on the dark colour. I then put on a coral coloured lipstick. I put on my brown leather-ish jacket, and loaded my satchel bag and flung it over my shoulder. I looked around my room at the empty floors and walls, for the last time. It kind of upset me really, which was wierd.

I legged it downstairs and my mum was waiting for me. She looked at me for a minute and smiled.

We walked out of our house and waved goodbye to Manchester.


I woke up to my mum poking me in the arm saying 'Were landing in a minute, wake up.. I want you to see the view" She seemed excited, I was too in a way. I smiled at her and stretched. Planes arent comfy, god, my back was murdering. I sighed and looked out of the window, I strained because my eyes were tired, and the brightness made my eyes water. I could see a distant coast line, and little cars moving across the roads looking like ants. It was a nice sunny day, hardly any cloud. I smiled to myself at the view and took a breath in. Hello Canada.

Once the plain landed mum went to get the bags and I went the the vending machine and put my money in, and got 2 bottles of Mountain Dew.

I took a sip of mine and headed back to my mum. We got in the taxi and they drove us to Stratford, in Ontario. We pulled up to a really big house, I stared at it for a moment in awe of how big it was, i'm used to estates with 3 bedroomed houses and one bathroom upstairs.. Wow.

Next door there was another large house, but not as big as ours. I wanted to make friends really bad. This was scary, it all just hit me, I dont know anyone..

I sat outside on the porch for a while and looked at the time on my phone, it was 11:46 am.

I breathed in and smelt the air, it was fresh and I could feel the sun beaming on my skin.

I heard a bang from next door, a door closing. A boy walked out, about 14, my age, with brown hair that glistened in the sun, he did this little hair flick, he turned around and looked at me for a second, it was the longest second of my life. He had the most flawless perfect complextion. He smiled at me, his eyes widened. I smiled back, feeling my cheeks go warm.

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