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Let's start off with some stereotypes, shall we? Also, please don't take offence to anything, forgot to mention, I'm INFP.

ISTJ:   Loves Rules

ISTP:   Quiet Explorer

ESTP:   Adrenaline Junkie

ESTJ:   That boss

ISFJ:   Polite caretaker

ISFP:   Observant Artist

ESFP:   Dramatic Spotlights

ESFJ:   Popular friendships

INFJ: Perfectionistic Humanitarian

INFP:   Angsty Poets

ENFP:   Happy Procrastinator

ENFJ:   Personal Cheerleader

INTJ:   Badass Mastermind

INTP: Absentminded professor

ENTP:   Makes Explosions

ENTJ:   World Domination

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