America x China

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I am one of the biggest procrastinater you will ever meet. I will either put it of until I don't have to do it, am forced to do it, or I feel guilty and then do it °^° But here you go! This is for ChinaxPanda so I hope you enjoy!
3rd person POV

America walked down the street by the park, hands in his pockets and whistling out of boredom.

"Aiya, you kids are a handful!"

He looked over to see China in the grass with about four or five children surrounding him and jumping up and down.

"No, you can't eat this." He said, taking a twig away from one of the boys. "Don't put that in your hair." He started pulling out a few leaves from the hair of a girl. "And no, you can't grab that woman's rear." He said, looking towards the young Korean boy.

While China was trying to get thing situated, the young girl started walking away from the others and started walking into the street.

"Taiwan! Get back here!" He called, trying to get a kid off his arm.

The little girl whose name was apparently Taiwan paid no attention as she stepped down onto the pavement and kept walking, right into oncoming traffic.

"Taiwain! No!" China yelled as he saw a truck heading right for her.

America's hero instincts kicked in and he jumped out, scooping up the girl and then quickly jumped back out onto the sidewalk, just in time and heart pounding from the adrenaline rush.

China sighed heavily in relief as he walked over, taking Taiwan into his arms and holding her close. "Thank you America."

America smiled and nodded. "Yeah bro, not a problem."

China set Taiwan on her feet and started ushering them along. "Would it be much of bother to ask if you would help get kids home?"

"Not at all." He helped China get all the children back to the house and to bed.

The Chinese man collapsed on the couch in exhaustion and sighed. "Aiya, those kids are killing me.."

America looked around a bit. "I wouldn't mind helping you take care of them, seeing how you have quite a few."

China rose his head a little. "You would?"

America nodded. "Yeah, I wouldn't mind it."

China sighed. "That would be nice. Maybe not all westerners are selfish."


America stayed with China for about a month now, helping him take care of the children and the house and made sure nobody died.

At one point, they started calling China and America 'mommy and daddy.'

America found it kind of cool but China got flustered hearing himself being called mama.

After one long day of taking care of the kids, they plopped onto the couch, China resting against America a little.

Smiling, he put his arm around the older nation, making him blush and fluster. "Um... Thank you for help with kids. I appreciate very much."

America nodded. "They're good at times but Korea needs to learn its not okay to grope strangers."

China smiled a bit and relaxed against the American, starting to drift off to sleep.

America picked him up and carried him to bed, putting him in it. China's breathing got slow and deep, sleep-like.

America got in next to him, wrapping his arms around him and bringing him close and nuzzling his hair.

Hesitantly, he kissed China's cheek. "I love you.."

He snuggled with him and fell asleep.

China's POV

Aiya America, I wasn't asleep...
I hope you liked it! This is what I came up with and apologize if its short. Don't forget to comment, request and vote!

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