Black Water (Chapter 12)

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Words could not describe what it felt like, having Jarred suck blood from my wrist. It was halfway between pleasure and pain. It was like I was giving myself to him and he was giving himself back to him. I could see all his moods circling around like clouds of pale colour. I could see the pain he was in, I could see the regret of being weak, and I could see something else. I could see his hunger, I could see how much he hated it and I could see how much he felt like he was trapped. I realised something, he never wanted to become evil. Something, something I couldn't see, made him. I realised something else too. I no longer hated him. I couldn't, not when I could see his heart, I could see how desperate to be human he was, and I knew that whatever it would take, I would help him.

After what felt like hours, Jarred let go of my arm, his feelings cut off, and I was left feeling a little empty inside. Jarred wiped his mouth of the sleeve of his t-shirt, looking a little embarrassed.

"Thank you," he said. His speech had returned to normal. In fact all of him had returned to normal, his skin wasn't as pale, his eyes were sparkling and he was no longer shaking.

"No problem. It's what we do at this school, we help each other," I replied, looking away from him, using the excuse of my bleeding wrist, to cover the fact I felt like blushing. My wrist wasn't bleeding to heavily, nothing that couldn't be fixed by a band-aid.

"But why would you want to help me?" Jarred asked, "You have every reason to hate me."

I shrugged, "That was before I saw what you were feeling," I mumbled. Then I jolted upright, if I could feel what he was feeling, would he know that I thought that he was fit, or that I secretly have had a crush on Ian Somerhalder for the past year and a half, or that I still sleep with a teddy bear? Well, if I wasn't blushing before, I was now. I glanced sideways at Jarred. "Does it work both ways? The sharing of feelings?" I asked.

Jarred shook his head, and I suppressed a sigh of relief. "The reason why you could feel what I was feeling is that it is supposed to make people like me kill you. To stop you from telling everyone else what I was or something like that." Jarred stood up smoothly and easily, the blood obviously did its job, and was it just me, or did he look taller? "I'm going to head back to my room and sleep it off." Jarred said. I nodded and stood up as well; Jarred shifted his feet from to side to side, as if unsure of what to say next.

"Will you be ok?" I asked him curiously. "Are you going to be safe?" Which was really code for 'Are you going to go on a mad killing spree any time soon?'  

"I'll be fine." Jarred smiled, "I got too close to a human town that didn't show up on my map that's all. It took all my strength to fight the other part of me. It tired me. So long as I stay here, there should be no problems." Jarred turned to walk away, before turning back. "Thank you Ali, not many people would understand what you did." He walked off down the hall, leaving me standing in the cold.

"Right then seniors," Mr Patrice, the head of sport, said standing in front of us in a pair of too short shorts, displaying his pale skinny legs to us all.

"Since it has been brought to my attention that some of you have been slacking off you Physical Education duties, there will no longer be any more Hiking, archery or table tennis." There was a collective groan from the students standing in front of him, those of us who knew who'd brought the slacking issue to Mr Patrice's attention glared angrily at Mr Azerale, who was standing next to him wearing a vest top and shorts that looked a million times better on him then they did on Mr Patrice.

"Instead of these sports, you must sign up to another class today. The classes you can chose from are, Aerobics, Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Fencing, Football..." Mr Patrice began to read out a never-ending list of sports that Elton Cattrell offered, most of which wouldn't run due to lack of interest. I walked over to wear a golden eagle was perched on top of a tree. Jeremy, Darcy and Jez were all sitting underneath, making daisy chains of all things.

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