Chapter Two: Winter Nights

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Kagura's POV

I was just lying in bed, staring at the ceiling. I was trying to sleep but I couldn't get him out of my mind. I tried, but all it lead to was him completely clouding my mind.
Those deep, prominet, crimson-colored eyes, his long, jet black hair...
I was doing it again... Thinking about him.
I squeezed my eyes shut and shook my head to try and shake away the thought.
My eyes fluttered open, I looked out the window that was parallel to my bed.
It was a full moon. A sky filled with star. Stars that shined like pure hearts. A Pure heart, which I never posessed. I sighed again.
I sat up. And looked at the sky. Something about it... It made my trigger the vault that witheld all my tears. The vault seemed to have opened since tears began flooding down my face.
I stood up, slightly shivering as my feet hit the floor. I crossed my arms and looked out to the city.
Lights beamed through the windows, like there were stars scattered within the city.
It was beautiful, really. It was around winter, so a light layer of snow topped the ground.
I placed my right hand on my heart. His words spoke to me, but yet, I barely know him. He doesn't even know me. Why would such things hit me in such a way?
I was completely oblivious to it's reasoning. Though, I'm not complaining. I wanted to see him again. I wanted to know why he spoke to me, and why he said that. He could have just been a kind bystander who loved helping everyone in need.
If so, then I had to reward him for such efforts, or make it so I don't owe anything to him.
My left hand then slid down the silky, long, nightgown I wore and clutched the area around the mid thigh. Even with the windows closed, you could feel the winter breeze throughout my room in the apartment. I shivered and turned around, tugging a sheet off the bed and wrapping it around me.
I decided that by maybe making a cup a tea would calm me and warm my body. I let the water boil before pouring it into the white porclein mug.
The aroma was enough to make my eyes droopy. I smiled and sat back on my bed, still admiring the view.
Everything seemed to glisten even brighter... But then, snowy white flakes came falling from the sky.
The flakes bonded with eachother, coating anything it landed on. The sky became hazed with snowflakes. The sight was so beautiful.
I took the last sip of tea and placed it on my bedside table. I was completely submerged into the idealistic winter wonderland happening across the city. I began to see a few children and adults coming out of their homes and apartments to catch snowflakes or simply enjoy such a wonderous ambience.
I couldn't take just watching it.
I dropped the cover back onto my bed and quickly hopped to my wardrobe. I pulled out a plain white skirt and top. I then selected black leggings and a long brown trench coat to go with it.
I grabbed a maroon scarf and wrapped it around my neck, and accesorized my hair with a matching maroon ribbon. I slipped on socks and plain white knee high boots and sprinted outside.
I sprinted so much that I flew out my door and crashed into the nearest stranger, creating a four person fall die to the domino affect.
"I'm terribly sorry..." I slowly got up and dusted myself of. No one seemed to mind, too submerged into the good vibes that completely covered the city.
I took a better look at all the people I had crashed into.
One of the had the exact eyes as the man I encountered. "R-Rogue Cheney?" I thought out loud, unconsciously. My hands covered my mouth but he obviously seemed to hear. We locked eyes and I blushed.
I turned away and tucked my nose and chin under my scarf, and lowering my head so I gave off a somewhat shy posture, and took a few steps away.
He could obviously see through it though. He put a gentle hand on my shoulder. I flinched and took another step foward, in order to get his hand off my shoulder, before facing him. My cheeks flushed at I looked up at him, locking eyes again.
"You're Kagura, am I correct?" His voice was deep and intimidating, but not so much so that it seemed hostile. In fact, you could say the exact opposite. His tone, as of now, was gentle. Like how you would most likely encounter a stray animal.
I seemed to get to lost within his mysterious self that it seemed like he noticed, or it showed. "Are you alright?" His voice was concerned. I nodded, stiff as a statue. It was unintentional. I suppose I'm not familiar with this kind of interaction. I was always just left alone.
"I see." He said, he gave off a feeling that 'I know what you're thinking', and it set me aback. He laughed, in a somewhat teasing way. I blushed again and his face returned to normal, pratically emotionless, but yet you know he feels something.
"Do you have something on you mind?" I asked, now somewhat concerned for him.
"Unfortunately for me... Yes. It something I wanted to ask you... Somewhere quieter..." He then pointed to a narrow, dimly lit alleyway. I was a bit hesistant and I shifted a bit uncomfortably, but I walked towards it, not assuming any worst case secenarios, because there's something about him... That I just seemed to trust.

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