Chapter 22

Lewis’ POV

After spending all afternoon searching in the cold forest we made our way back into town so we could speak to people again, hopefully someone will have seen something, someone knows where she is. We walked down the high street stopping everyone and showing them her picture, I tried not to look at it though, it was too painful.

I walked passed an old book shop and saw that same man from the other day. He was holding three plastic bags full of books. I nudged Henry, “Hey, that’s that guy. He got loads of knitting stuff the other day and now he’s got books.” That’s weird right? What does he want with tons of books and wool?

“Maybe he likes to read,” he said with a shrug as he walked off to stop an old couple that just come out of a cafe.

He saw me and looked nervous. Something was wrong and I couldn’t ignore it this time? I walked over to him and decided to act innocent and see if I could find anything out, I didn’t even know if there was anything!

He looked like he wanted to run off but as he saw me approaching him he turned to me properly and forced a smiled on his face. “Hello Lewis,” he said politely, holding onto the bags tight.

“Hello...err,” I said trailing off.

“Colin.” He reached out his hand and I shook it briefly. Colin who? I needed his surname. He looked a little awkward, clearly wanting to get away.

“Have you seen anything? No matter how little it might seem w-”

He shook his head cutting me off, “I’m sorry Lewis I haven’t seen Summer. I do hope you find her soon and if there’s anything I can do to help I will.”

He expected me to decline but I couldn’t do that, something told me I needed to keep him around; there was definitely something about him. Maybe I’m just being crazy but I can’t let this go just in case. Sum needed me to find her. “Actually we do need more volunteers, you know people to join the search parties and going door to door. If you have the time to spare we’d appreciate it.” I stared at him, trying to keep my cool when inside I was pleading with him to say yes.

He shifted on his feet and smiled, “Of course. I have some time at the weekends, I’d be more than happy to join.” I breathed a silent sigh of relief and explained to him where and when to meet on Saturday. His eyes were tense and I wasn’t sure if he’d actually turn up or not. “Well I’ll see you on Saturday then,” he said, turning to walk away. I saw Henry walking over to me frowning and Colin used the opportunity to slip away, I had to fight the urge to follow him.

“What was that?” Henry questioned, frowning at me.

“Something’s wrong,” I said shaking my head. “I got him to join the search on Saturday, maybe I should follow him.”

“Lewis, what are you doing? You can’t just go around harassing people!”

My eyes narrowed at him unconsciously, “I’m trying to find my girlfriend!” I walked off, needing to get away from him. What the hell does he think I’m doing? I’ll harass whoever I need to if it means finding her, Henry can get lost.

I was seriously in a bad mood when we decided to go back. It was getting too late now, no one was out anymore and we could barely see anything. Neither of us said a word as we drove back to his house. Not long until Saturday and I can try finding more out about Colin, if I still feel like something’s wrong then I’m following him home.

Henry walked ahead of me and didn’t look back as he walked upstairs to his room. I made my way into the kitchen, keeping my eyes down so I wouldn’t see all the pictures of her hanging on the walls, every time I looked at one it felt like someone was kicking me in the stomach. Summer’s parents and my Mum were sitting around the kitchen table. Dawn looked up at me hopefully; her face fell when she saw my expression.

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