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With the way his past week had gone, he really wasn't all that surprised to see Geliar of Rovias. It was just that kind of night. 

 He said nothing, watching as the golden Sigari walked over and stopped barely a foot away. At this distance, the difference in their height became noticeable, with Geliar looming several inches taller.

The Sigari's face was carefully composed, betraying nothing. It maybe have been a trick of the flickering yellow streetlight, but Gabriel was sure those golden eyes glowed faintly. He shifted and felt the rough brick scratch at his clothing. There was no where to go.

He wet his lips. "Hi," he said weakly.

There was no answer from the golden Sigari. He simply just observed Gabriel, which did absolutely nothing to ease his fears. Nervously, he looked behind the Sigari, trying to see if his entourage was around somewhere. There was no sign of them. This time, Geliar was alone. That really didn't make him feel any better.

"I greet you, Gabriel Kayne,"  Geliar finally spoke. There was nothing but calm neutrality to his tone, so it was hard to tell whether he was upset over the fact that Gabriel had lied to his face the last time he met. "I suspected that you might return here."

Well, there was no point in hiding anymore. Gabriel straightened, forcing himself to relax, though he avoided the Sigari's eerie gaze. It gave him goosebumps. "I greet you, Geliar of Rovias." He hesitated just a moment, before deciding to give in to his curiosity. "Why did you think to find me here?"

The Sigari surprised him by smiling. And then he proceeded to surprise Gabriel even more when he said in English, "Lucky guess."

"What?" Gabriel glanced warily at Geliar's face, more than a little taken aback. This was not how he expected this encounter would go.

"Humans are predictable," Geliar said after a moment. He seemed amused. "I must admit I am rather curious about you. Why would a human step in to aid us, then hide his capability to communicate properly?"

Gabriel flinched. And there it was. His head throbbed, reminding him that it hurt. On the pavement, the drunk man moaned and curled up in the fetal position. He was regaining some degree of consciousness after Gabriel had knocked his lights out, but he probably was too drunk to even consider getting up. If the kids had done what he said, the cops would be showing up pretty soon to pick up the drunk.

It would be best if he got out of here as quickly as possible. There was just the small issue of the strange Sigari that he had to deal with first. Wearily, he rubbed his forehead. It eased the ache a little, but only temporarily.

"I work at the Embassy," he admitted. Telling the truth was the only option now. He figured that Geliar would know if he wasn't, anyway. "I was ordered to keep that hidden. That is why I appeared as a normal civilian. I am sorry for the deceit."

"I understand," Geliar responded. The intensity of his gaze lessened somewhat and Gabriel found some of his tension easing. "I am not angry. Just ... curious."

This was just curiosity? Gabriel shook his head in disbelief, then immediately regretted it. It made the headache worse. He sagged against the wall, feeling exhausted. "Why are you out here?"

Geliar turned and mirrored Gabriel's stance against the wall, so that both of them leaned against its surface in a relaxed manner. "I was going to ask you the same question. As for me, I prefer to wander about this time of night. It is quiet, peaceful for the most part. It is a different view of your world."

Nodding slowly, Gabriel said, "I suppose it is."

"May I also ask why you are out? Should you not be at rest?"

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