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Pen Your Pride


The whole drive to the airport was filled with tension. I don't understand why Rita was always giving Valeria attitude. It was honestly just a huge mess.

After I said my bye's to Rita, Valeria and I were headed to airport security. 

I wasn't stupid, I knew Valeria was mad about something. But I decided not to talk to her about it cause if I got Valeria going she wouldn't stop.

"You know sometimes you should keep your girl in check." She said pulling off her belt and putting it in the security ben.

" Rita didn't even say anything today."

"Yeah today. But her flipping attitude stunk up the whole damn car. She didn't even say bye to me. And don't get me wrong J I don't want her to be my friend or nothing but it's been 2 damn years. But for some dumb ass reason she still has a problem with me." 

"Give her a break Val, you know she's really insecure." Once we were out the line we started heading to our terminal.

"Give her a break? I haven't done shit to her man." She shook her head and tried to walk faster than me.

I couldn't help but laugh. Sometimes Val could be childish but you just had to love that girl. Esspecially when she was mad.

"When are you going to be on my side? When are you going to tell her to chill the fuck out and stop bugging."

"Valeria if only you knew." I said trying to catch up with her.

"Well I don't. " 

I shook my head. Val never really let shit like this get to her. None of the girls that I dated in the passed were thrilled that I had a female best friend but she never tripped about it. I understood where she was coming from though because it's been two years. You would think that Rita would have built a bridge and got over it. But she hasn't.

To be completely honest I really do love Rita. And she is the only woman I've had a serious relationship with. But her jeaousy and insecurities are really starting to mess things up.

We boarded on the plane and sat in first class. I was tired as hell and wanted to be in Miami already. I needed this load off plus I needed this opportunity to boost up my career.

Val sat in the seat across from me, folded her arms and crossed her legs.

"Look Val, you know I don't like arguing with you."

"Mhmm. "

"I can't control how Rita acts. And honestly I'm tired of talking about it. Iight?" I said trying to be serious, but the look on Valeria's face made it hard.


"You know I love you right?"

"Mhmm Whatever."

"Vally poo.." I said knowing what it would do to her.

"Eww please don't call me that. That's junior high all over again."

I laughed and shook my head.

"Yeah laugh now. But you weren't laughing when people called you Bert from Sesame street!" Oh shit, she got me. People still called me Bert from time to time. "Yellow ass nigga with a Unibrow."

"Shut up."

"You know I love you."

"Mhmm whatever," I said imitating her voice.

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