Dr. Vincent

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I sat in the waiting room ready to be examined. I didn't read any of the magazines cause they weren't my favorite. A man caught my gaze, he walked into the doctors office smirking at me. The man was purple with the strangest eyes... I shivered to myself but was quickly snapped out of my thoughts when I heard someone call my name. "(Y/N) (L/N)?" said a deep voice. I then got up from my seat and walked over to the man the voice belonged to. (IDK if that makes sense) It was the purple dude, he stared at me I could even feel his eyes staring at me. "I hope you're not scared the doctor is your friend you know" (what a lie doctors are kinda scary..)  "N-no sir" I said before he got a hold of my wrist and walked me into one of those rooms. We're all alone now it's quite scary *click* what was that? He locked the door and then faced you. "I'm doctor Vincent I'll be your doctor, of course" he said taking a few steps closer to you. "Nice to meet you I'm-" you didn't get to finish so he finished for you. "(Y/N) yes I know, Let's begin shall we?" You nodded and waited to do what told. "Please remove your shirt and bra, I need to examine your breasts" he said slipping into some white gloves. You didn't liked to be examined there... Especially if it was a guy! You had no choice but to do it. You took off your shirt. Vincent followed your every move. You set your shirt on the weird bed covered with cheap paper.

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