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Part 3

It had been 3 days since the breakup and Leo was wallowing in my cabin. I tried to get him to go to dinner but he wouldn't budge. It took every piece of humanity I had not to throw him out the window. But I couldn't stay and it broke me every time I had to leave him. Every time I hung out with everyone and left him it broke me. I felt so bad but it was his choice and he chose to not come.
So when I came back from campfire it was a surprise to find him sitting with his head in his hands. I carefully walked over to him and his head snapped up. His stare was cold, empty, broken. Everything that wasn't Leo. It hurt to see him this way. It hurt to see him in a state of emptiness. To see him broke into a million pieces that couldn't seem to find strong enough glue every time he was broken. Me? Well I was the box that the pieces were kept in. Keeping him safe and making sure he doesn't hurt himself or others.

I sat on the bed and waited. Seconds passed. Minutes. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Then he turned to me. The same look in his eyes but tears were streaming down his face. I pulled him into a hug and he curled into a ball.

"I..I need over this." He hiccuped

"Yeah you do."

He pulled away and gave me the biggest and best smile he could. I shook my head and he stopped. He tried again and this time I knew it was a real smile. Something that only I have seen.

"I'm hungry." He confessed

"Well go to sleep and you can come with me to breakfast." I said, standing up and walking over to Hazel's bed.

"Right yeah sleep."

I took off my aviator jacket and slipped my converse off before climbing into bed. I snapped my fingers to turn the lights off.





I woke up the next morning to find Leo pacing in the middle of the room. While I moved to sit up his head looked my direction.

"Morning Neeks." He greeted, walking over and placing a kiss to my forehead

Holy nyegekciakdis he DID NOT. THIS BOY IS TOO MUCH OSNFWOAXI. My brain started going crazy and I was smiling so wide. I swear he blushed at my smile.

Leo turned away and grabbed my camp half blood T-shirt.

"Do you mind if I borrow this or?"

"No it's fine take it!"

"Thanks." He turned and walked into the bathroom.

I decided to get changed while he took a shower. I put on a MCR shirt, ripped black jeans and black vans. I contemplated whether or not to wear my leather jacket and gloves or my aviator and skull ring. I decided to change it up and wear my leather jacket and gloves.
Just as I strapped my gloves up Leo came out of the bathroom. He gave me a small smile and grabbed his jacket.

"You ready to go?"

"It's now or never I guess."

"Yes yes it is."

I closed the gap between us and swung my arm around his shoulder. Before he could change his mind, I pulled him out of my cabin.

There ya go all done. Part 3 has begun. Also Leo was never described to have suspenders but a jacket from what I remember but he was drawn with suspenders by viria and everyone thought that was what he looked like. He always seemed like more of a jacket person to me tbh. But hey I don't really remember.
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