Chapter Six ~ Assignment

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Three weeks.

It had been three weeks since I came back from the dead.

My first two weeks, 8 Claws attacked me. I took each one down without a second thought. I only had trouble with three of them, but none came close to truly harming me. Not to mention the ANBU generally either took them out or helped me before it got out of hand.

Now, the attacks had stopped which worried me slightly. They were no longer sending amateurs then. They were probably hardcore training a Claw specifically to kill me.

I would be ready.

Thankfully, Tsunade had officially ended my interrogation. They had received all information I held on the Rising Phoenix with minimal resistance. Thankfully as well they hadn't pushed when I refused to relinquish details on my training, on their training methods.

I had suffered through one flashback.

I wince as I remember that. The panic that had gripped me as the memory ripped through me, ripped me apart.

It sucked. And it had obviously left a lasting impression on Tsunade, Ibiki, and Kakashi.

I absently dodge a woman holding what appeared to be hundred grocery bags. Tsunade had summoned me to her office. I wasn't quite sure why.

When I got the the hokage's room, I knocked only for courtesy purposes, before walking into the room uninvited. Technically, I'd been invited the moment she summoned me, anyways.

I pause in my entrance when I notice a familiar pink haired kunoichi anxiously talking with Tsunade.

So that's why. Tsunade was trying to reunite me with what was left of my old team?

"Cashile," Tsunade greeted. Slight irritation crosses her face at my lack of patience at the door.

Sakura whirls around and covers her mouth, clearly shocked. "So... It's true," she whispers. Guilt must have really torn her up after my disappearance, I suppose. She did accuse me of being a complete traitor, and tried to order the remaining team 7 to kill me.

She bounds over to me, and crushes me in a hug. "Oh Cashile, I'm so sorry," she sobs into my shoulder.

I try not to grimace and force a smile. It was very obviously forced.

"It's cool, Sakura. I'm still here, aren't I?" I try to comfort, attempting to pry myself from her tight hold.

I glare at Tsunade. She had to set this up. I was perfectly satisfied baking, burning cakes in my apartment, waiting for Claws to attack, cooking real food and most importantly, not socializing with people from my past.

Oh God. I did sound like a complete crazy, didn't I?

There had to be some other reason for this though. The only logical reason I could come up with was that she was worried about my mental health.

I mean, I would be worried about my health after the last questioning session I'd participated in, when they tried to pry further into how exactly I'd been trained.

After a very one sided tearful reunion, Tsunade cleared her throat, bringing Sakura out of her hazy state of mind. "Well, Cashile, I have a proposal. It's more of an assignment, than anything. An order if you will."

I raise my eyebrow, prompting her to continue. "Sakura, you're dismissed. Go back to the practice lab and review the last six chapters of your current book," Tsunade ordered.

"Yes, Lady Tsunade."

I didn't shift under the hokage's gaze. "I've discussed with your two sensei's," Tsunade started, "And we've decided to promote you to jonin." she declared.

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