Chapter 1

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Pic of Katie's Warrior and powerful tattoo. (She hides it so no one can see it.)


The sound of wolves howling in the distance made me wake up. I looked at the time and saw it was 3:30 in the morning. I silently groaned but I knew I didn't get up I would get a punishment from the alpha of our pack. I silently, but quickly walked down the stairs and made the pack breakfast. Let me introduce myself, my name is Katie Fay and I am 15. When I was 7 years old the moon goddess gave me a tattoo that only I know about, I hide it so no one will see it or I will get beaten up like most of the time, maybe worse.

My parents were the beta's of the pack but they tragically died when I was 6, and it was on my birthday. I thought when you lose someone important the pack was there to support you but my pack wasn't they started abusing me the day after the death happened. Since my parents died I was supposed to be the beta but, Alpha Chris forced me to be an Omega. I was and still am forced to be the pack's servant and I hate it. I get picked on at the pack house and at school and it doesn't help that I am the school nerd. So I don't have anyone to help me, it's just me and my inner wolf Ember. If you haven't noticed already I am not normal, I already have my inner wolf which I got when I was 8, if you were a normal werewolf you get your inner wolf at 16

As always I start cooking the 4 plates of eggs, 5 plates of bacon and sausage. I also make salad just in case someone wants salad. What can I say my pack eats a lot. I set the table that feed up to 100 pack members and run upstairs to get ready or school. At least the pack lets me wear nice clothes. I straightened my red hair

and changed into my white dress and brown boots

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and changed into my white dress and brown boots. I don't wear makeup because I am beautiful naturally. Even when the pack says I am ugly, and fat which I know I am not.

I grabbed my back pack and walked to school. Even though I should be in 9th grade like most kids my age, I am super smart and I was able to skip 9th and 10th. This makes me a junior in high school. I walk through the school doors and head straight to my locker. I put my back pack in and grabbed the things I needed for Social Studies. I walked into class and sat in my seat which happens to be in the front. I got out my homework and quickly handed it to the teacher before anyone notices me because well I am a goody-two shoes. As soon as I sat down at my seat that is when everyone came into the room and found seats. It just so happens that soon to be Alpha Andrew decideds sits next to me out of all the seats.

'Why me Ember. I don't want to be near him' I said to my wolf

'Sorry Kat. I can't do anything. I feel so sorry for you'

The bell went off and the remaining students came in.

"Alright todays lesson is about World War 2 so please pay attention" said the teacher and with that we started taking notes.

I was in the middle of writing notes when Andrew through something at me. I picked it up, not really caring about what it said at the moment, I threw it on the floor by my binder. I continue writing and then he throws something at me again. By that time the bell rang. I grabbed my binders and the pieces of paper that Andrew threw and hurried to my next class. When I got there I was the only one there again. I sighed and sat down; I unwrinkled the pieces of paper the first one read


When you get home hurry up and make tons of food for my party. Remember you are not allowed to party you are going to stay in your room until the party is finished. You will then clean up all the messes. Have fun loser!!


He is so immature sometimes I can't even believe he is going to be the alpha. I put the pieces of paper in my folder and got everything out for English. I did the same thing all day. When lunch time came I skipped lunch like usual and walk outside and let the cold breeze hit my face.

Where did I go wrong? I always did everything right I always listened and followed orders. Everyone blames me for my parent's death but I had nothing to do with it. It was my birthday and they left to get something for my birthday. They were driving when a drunk driver crashed into them. It hit the car and my mom went flying out of the vehicle and my dad he got out of the car and made it to my mom. They held each other in their arms and died together. The driver never was arrested he ran away. It was my birthday that is why some people think I had something to do with it but I wasn't even in the car. Yeah they were getting something for my birthday but a drunk driver killed them. It still makes me upset to this very day.

I walked back inside a few minutes later and decided to leave early to have soon-to-be-Alpha Andrew's party ready by the time he came home. I walked into the administration office and checked myself out. I got home and started prepping for the soon to be Alpha's Party. I had bowls of chips, beer(someone else did that since I was to young), soda, pizza, subs, pie, cake so pretty much everything you can dream of, was there. I had everything ready and started heading up to my room hoping not to get a beating today. As soon as I walked into my room the hope soon went away when I was kicked in the stomach and flew into the wall by Alpha Chris.

"Why aren't you in school pest!!?!?"

"Soon to be Alpha Andrew told me to get the food ready for the party Alpha." I said genuinely and put my head down getting prepared for the blow and in respect. He always told me not to look at him unless he tells me to look.

I was punched repeatedly to the face and stomach, kicked and clawed at. I was used to the pain after all it had been happening for 9 years of my life. As soon as the Alpha was done with me, he left, and I made my way into the bathroom and took a shower. My bruises, cuts and anything else healed up. I healed faster than any wolf, which isn't shocking to me after all I am not a normal werewolf. I got out of the shower and put makeup on so it looks like the bruises didn't heal so no one got suspicious. The sound of blaring music came through my door which was my signal to stay in my room. I locked my door and fell asleep waiting for the party to be over.

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