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May 31st

I groan at the knocking on my door. I stay in bed hoping it will stop and thankfully it does. Before I know it my bed room door leading to the deck is slid open. I peep to see who it is. I sigh even deeper seeing it's Mitt.

"Cmon lazy bones." He says drawing the thick curtains back to allow the blinding light in. I toss away from the light and snuggle more into my duvet. My brain is sizzling going into absolute overload with the light.

"I know you're hungover and anyone would be after a night like you had." His voice carries signaling he's picking up my things and throwing them in the hamper.

"But we've made plans for the day, so let's go." He says tearing the duvet away. I nearly cry as he takes the warmth off my bare legs. I pull my legs closer and slip my legs in my oversized sweater.

"No," it's got to be no later than damn eight o'clock. "Just one more hour." I beg.

"Get your lazy ass up. Now." He says in his 'I mean it voice'. I sit up squinting my eyes at him.

"Here's your coffee." He hands me a paper cup. I gladly take it and sit cross legged sipping the coffee. I keep my eyes closed as I do so.

"This will be fine for today," he throws clothes on my bed and hands me a pair of sunglasses.

"Thanks Mitt-"

"You're the best, blah blah blah. Yeah I know now get ready." He rushes me. I set the coffee down finally opening my eyes and going to take a quick shower and clean up. The water awakening my body more.

When I get out I'm nicer and more awake. I pull on the clothes set out for me, black loose tank top with a bandeau and high waisted shorts. I apply a tad of makeup and join Mitt in my living room eating a bowl of cereal.

"Ready?" I ask. He nods. My stomach growls as soon as I grab my bag.

"Let me grab something to eat." I grab a protein bar and hurry out to Mitt's car. I look over to Harry on his patio looking out at the beach with an ice pack on his cheek.

I debate whether to let Mitt wait or join him. I ditch Mitt and hurry as fast as my heavy headache will allow.

"Hey," I give him a half smile. I gasp looking at his cheek.

"Oh my god, did this happen last night?" I ask cupping his cheek. God I hope not I completely forgot. He winces. I mumble sorry.

"Yeah." He sighs moving my hand away.

"What happened?" I ask softly.

"Your boyfriend...?" He says. "Do you not remember last night?" He ask. I scrunch my face in regret.

"No...and I'm judging by what's on your face and what face your making, that's not good." I groan regretting it all.

Oh but if I only knew.

He just sighs sitting in the chair. I join him and Mitt blares his horn. I wave at him and the sound of his ignition cutting off.

"Let's start with this." I say motioning to his cheek. He sets the ice down.

"Your boyfriend punched me." He says. I gaps horrified.

"I'm so sorry-" he waves his hand stopping me.

"For kissing you." He finishes. I'm definitely shut up now. "You were drunk. I had just come over to ask to keep it down and one thing led to another." He looks ashamed. I feel guilt washing over me.

"And then Nathan punched you,"

"Yeah," he nods. I groan at my stupidity.

"I'm sorry for putting you in the middle of all this." I mumble thinking about it. My drunken self had spurred Harry to kissing me. The exact thing I had been avoiding since our last meeting. Just think of all those things I had thought about him. How I wanted him in ways I shouldn't, but I undeniably did.

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